Monday, December 4, 2006

04 December 2006, Monday

Happy Birthday!!
Liangz!! Happy 21st birthday!! Hua hua are finally 21st years old!! As the youngest kid in class, your birthday marks the closure of all 21st birthdays!! Hahaha!! Hope you like our present, cause we really don't know what to buy for you. Sigh. And everyone of us a little tight.
I saw your present le..want me to quit smoking then still buy me ciggy case? Haha!! Somemore it's my ex bf name lehz...Laifu. Kaoz. Jason, your name on my new ciggy case lehz! Hahahahaha!! Thanks for the present though. Very thoughtful. Reading the note inside was even more touching. Why you rolled up until it looks like ciggy huh? Tot I got free stick of ciggy. Chey....haha! Note is very touching...thanks. What is past has past, just look towards future ba. I know everyone in our class wants me to quit smoking, I will...I promise. I'm just...stressed up lately. As you hhad said, do something over and over again, one day I will get sian. LoL. Let me smoke till I sian, and I will give it up okies? Anyway, hereby wishing you that your health be great, that you will have a love life soon, hurry ORD, great work/studies, all wishes come true!

Monday blues...
Why am I forever whining about Monday blues? Well, maybe cause I didn't really relax enough for the weekend and it's Monday again. I was so tempted to take leave, thing is I'm saving for next year. My company will be closed from 14th Feb - 25th Feb, a total of 12 days. Don't envy me please. My company will be taking away 6 days of my annual leave. FUCK. Next year I only have 13 days lehz, so I rather tahan this year's one, which I'm left with 7 days. I've plans for next year de. Wana go cruise with Feng, wana go Sydney, wana go Europe. Hopefully Glen will still be working in Aust by next year, so I can just bunk in at his house. Save my hotel money. LoL. But then again, maybe I won't. Sigh. These places you're supposed to go with somebody you love, or friends. I know my friends couldn't afford going to Sydney; my bf does not like to travel. OH FUCK.

Sucking up, everyone's doing it
Sigh. And you would think a small company like mine won't have suckers who suck up to their superior. Damn you're wrong. I was sooooooooo damn fucking wrong. In every working environment, there's bound to be some suckers and suckees. As you guys know, my company is very small. Person in charge is our manager. So this collegue of mine, not gonna name names, but she's someone I hang out with alot. The story goes like this:

After I cam back from HK/China, the attitude of my manager and boss are abit different towards me. They are like, care and pay more attention to me than before. They tend to look at me in a different view than before. More 重视 I should say. So my manager "ignored" my collegue during this period of time. I was put in charge of the Christmas party for my company this year, and my manager is forever calling me into her office to discuss plans and everything. My collegue felt left out and ignored. She actually confided to me that she's a little upset by the way my manager is treating her. I don't know when, but 1 month after this incident, I went to my manager's office and saw the Ikea box and I commented that it was very nice. My manager smiled and said my collegue bought it for her. Hmmz....something fishy going on. My manager started treating my collegue nicely all over and my collegue is now very happy.
What sparked me to write this today is that my manager bought 2 boxes for my collegue. It's so obvious and loud, yet after my manager went to her office, my collegue came over and asked if her cubicle very messy, else why would the manager buy it for her? I was like...err, ur cubicle not messy, it's just ugly. Haha!! I'm still me okies. LoL. Anyway, whatever. Haha...just whining only.

He's still the same
MSN Wei just now to asked him if he's going to Yihui's birthday this Sat. Asked him what he gonna buy for Yihui's bday. Somebody else replied. Yupz. It's Kevin. He's back in SG for good. And according to his friendster account, the relationship status is complicated. Geraldine is good. She lasted almost a year then things start to surface. I'm not gloating. I'm not! Err, abit. Slight. OK!! I'm gloating!! But not as much as you think! Haha! Eugene told me he saw Kevin at Cineleisure last week and he looked rounder. Rounder or not, he's still charming in his own little ways. I asked Kev how is he, and he replied he's ok. And I asked how long is he going to avoid me and he told me he isn't. Ya right, after knowing him for 6 years, and having a 1year+ relationship with him, I don't know meh. Haha! Lame. Think I'm still as naive and stupid as last time? Oh please. He then replied he will be friends when the time is right. So I said something evil, asked him when is the right time? When he breaks up or when I get married? LoL. Should have asked is the right time when he's itching for free fuck? I've a terrific boyfriend, who needs Kevin? Haha! I just want us to be friends, that's all. After a while, I told him to continue whatever he wants, not gonna force him. Sigh. During relationship, I keep forcing him to make decisions on our relationship; after breakup it's still the same. I guess old habits die hard.

Missing my idiotz
My idiotz went for reservist!! Argh!! 3 weeks with nobody to msn me during office hours. 3 weeks of unplanned excursions, as he is doing shift work and won't know the schedule until the day before. OH FUCK!!! Hmph!! I missed him. I really do. Sigh. Today leaving work at 5pm, going Gallery Hotel to look at the function room. Duno what time end, sigh. Decided to go his house later cause I really missed him! LoL. Okies...time to finish my work else I can't leave at 5pm le. Ciaoz all! Peace out.

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