Tuesday, January 16, 2007

16 January 2007, Tuesday

I want phone..
I want to buy a phone. It's a want and need. Yah I know it's old model already, and it's nothing fantastic. Try using my Motorola V3i. You'll vomit blood. There's alot of functions that I need and it's not there. The camera sucks and although I'm a fan of Motorola/Nokia, I have to say that this time I need to venture out and try new stuffs. I saw the specs for K800i, and one paragraph caught my eyes:
Send your message to the world
Share your images instantly via Bluetooth™, MMS, email or blog – your own blog is created the first time you blog a photo, for friends and family to see.

Keke...meaning I can take pictures and upload straight away!! Haha!
I just called M1 since my Starhub has yet to even pass the 12 months mark (I bought my V3i last March, a birthday gift from my dad), so I called M1 and verified my mom's number. She finished her contract!! Yay!!!! Haha! Think my dad's number also finished contract le. I checked with M1 and by going down to the shop, it will cost me $268. If I purchase online, it will cost me $238. Best thing is they will deliver to my house! The wonders of technology in a fast paced world. Haha!
I could get used to this kind of life...buying food? *Click click* *Ding dong* *Food delivered* Buying electronic stuff? *Click click scroll click* *Knock knock* *Electronics delivered* So nice right? Somemore you no need to carry it!! I always get anxious when I've new games / handphones in my hands. I can't wait to hurry home to start playing/using! So this time, they deliver to my house, I can just plug in and charge straight away! *Dancing in joy* But it's gonna burn a hole in my pocket....Bros who owe me money. PLEASE!!! I need $250!! THANK YOU!!

My customer not important?
Fuck lah...damn pissed off just now. My collegue in China Skype™ me the following:

[2007-1-15 17:22:40] Cecilia Houng 说: Yeyan, do we hv 24Kpcs of 2843002402 now
[2007-1-15 17:24:58] fr_yeyan 说: 库存有48K,但在1月24号要出新加坡38K
[2007-1-15 17:26:30] Amy 说: 可以安排 2KPCS 先行給我使用 ?
[2007-1-15 17:27:10] Amy 说: 如果可以我馬上補訂單, 明天交貨給 Trigger China
[2007-1-15 17:27:17] Amy 说: 24kpcs
[2007-1-15 17:28:33] Amy 说: Cecilia -請務必幫忙 先行教貨給 Trigger China 24kpcs 好嗎 ?
[2007-1-15 17:29:50] fr_yeyan 说: 新加坡的38K的订单号是:IBP0103065
[2007-1-15 17:33:23] Cecilia Houng 说: ok
[2007-1-15 17:33:40] Cecilia Houng 说: pls ship the part to Trigger China
[2007-1-15 17:34:04] Cecilia Houng 说: use PO订单号是:IBP0103065
[2007-1-15 17:34:08] Amy 说: TKS !
[2007-1-15 17:34:17] Cecilia Houng 说: yeyan, let me know if you have any question. 请尽快补出货单给仓库及确认是否要安排生产

IBPO103065 happens to be my purchase order. That means our of the 48K they have on hand in China, 38K belongs to me!! And fucking hell..my manager told Amy, our agent, that she can take 24K away. WITHOUT asking me!!! I cut and paste the above and showed my collegue, who is in charge of Trigger and she asked me if I agreed to "lend" the goods to Amy. I told her I didn't. She then asked me to check the date I commit to customer and if I will fail the ship date, I have to inform my manager. So I printed out the order confirmation and told my manager that we will de-commit if I lend my goods to Amy. Know what's her reply? "Your customer more important or save fire more important? I will bring back for you." Yah yah..did she read properly? Stock only got 48K. I need 38K!! I intend to shift all the blame to her if I de-commit. Gonna push everything to my manager. LoL. Don't care. Hua hua hua....

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