Thursday, May 17, 2007

17 May 2007, Thursday

Lack of creativity

Not that I don't wana write recently. I realised that all that I've written yesterday during lunch wasn't posted out. Damn! Anyway, recently very stressed up, resulting in my psoriasis getting worse. Fuck. Everyday since last week, I was called into the office. Min stay there, lor! Total time today is 1hr. Yeah! Last week I was called to the office so often and long, till my email couldn't be cleared by end of the day. Usually my email will be less than 15 by the end of the day. 15 UNREAD emails at the most. But by last Friday, my unread emails at 6pm was 30+. I stayed back for awhile to do 2 quotations before I left to meet Feng. It's finally weekend. I wana enjoy.

Well, tomorrow is weekend as well. Finally. I could take some rest. But I'll be bringing my passport and my dad's credit card out with me tomorrow. I had left both things with Auntie Lily today. Will tell you why later on.

Oh yah, I'm like so broke this month. Treated my parents, Feng, Wei (my cousin sister) and my aunt to a dinner at Miramar Hotel on 5th May to celebrate her birthday as well as Mother's day. Mom heard from aunt that the Ikoi restaurant was nice. It wasn't my first time eating there. Feng's friend had treated us to a dinner at the very same hotel about one year ago. LoL. ALAS! My dad fell sick and couldn't really enjoy the food. My aunt don't know what to order. My cousin doesn't eat anything except salmon sashimi. My mom doesn't like raw fish and fried stuff. And I paid for everything. $215. Which comes up to 35.83/pax. Steady right? Ir's ok if everyone appreciates. When I told everyone I had already paid the bill, my dad asked why did I pay without asking if anyone wana use their credit card. Then my aunt added in saying that she wanted to use her credit card because there is this point system and she could have accumulated points to her card. -_-" Really spoil mood.

This might be a long entry, bear with me. Also to make up for all that I did not post. Oh yah, then came Sam's bday. Samantha celebrated her bday at Party World on 4th. Well, for me and my classmates, bday girl/guy surely pay portion of the bill. CY's bday, he paid $100 for our dinner, the rest we pay. Huiling paid $60 for our dinner as well. And well, me, for my birthday this year I paid $340 for the karaoke session. But Sam's bday....she didn't pay. I think. Because the bill came up to $600 and 15 of us paid $40 each. And I only sang one song. Nelson also kelian. Went there also sing one song nia. Din even drink beer, yet he paid $40. At least I drank 2 - 3 mugs. Or was it 4. Anyway who's counting? That, Alex paid for me. Oh yah....and Cibao's wedding is next Sat! I need to give ang pao. Oh oh oh...and Victor kor's daughter full moon on 04/30, and I bought her a little golden hu lu, to protect her. In some kind of way. See la! I'm damn broke lor!

And I still have to buy laptop. And my hp chose this period to stop working for me. The whole LCD screen couldn't light up. So I sent it for repairs last Sat. "Consultation" fee, $25. If I decided to repair, then $25 would be waived. Only replacement charges will be paid. They called me up on Monday. Motorola that is. The repairs on my LCD screen and the LED lights inside would cost me...hold your breath! A fucking $255. CBZ. Might as well just cut my head off. Kaoz! And hor, as I was saying, my psoriasis also outbreak right? Went doctor on Tues. It's another $32. And Huiling's bday! Ehh...tat was on 04/30. But then....sigh. Really damn broke.

Stupid me and Feng went out to City Hall last Fri. And being too hungry, we went to basement and settled at the first restaurant that has the shortest queue. That was a wrong choice. FUCKING wrong choice. We ordered a soup of the day; creme of brocolli with some stupid nuts(I hate nutz. Never did like nuts) each, a plate of calamari, a rib eye steak for him and carbonara for me, and finally my fav, tiramisu. Guess how much the whole dinner cost? At Jack's Place maybe say 60+? At Phin's maybe 70+ to 80. But at this stupid restaurant, where the food isn't even up to Jack's Place standard, charged us a freaking $96. Yes. You saw it right. ONE DINNER. The sucks. I don't like it. I dumped about half my soup to Feng. As for the calamari, it tastes kinda weird, not the usual ones we eat. The sauce is like chilli sauce added to mayo lor. Kaoz. Oh and the bread that comes with the soup? It has sunflower seeds and all sort of nuts. I repeat. I DO NOT LIKE NUTS. Oh the carbonara was ok. Only that they took away my spoon and expected me to eat with fork and knife. And they do not have salt and pepper at every table. You want you ask for it and the waiter will grind it for u. Piangz, imagine u thought it's peppery/saltish enough, then u realised it's not, are you going to call for the waiter again? I'll be like paiseh lor. And the stupid steak. *Think something wrong with Feng's taste bud* I can't taste beef. It seemed that the beef had been washed on the surface. There is little or no beef taste. And the sauce that was supposed to be mushroom sauce.....kaoz! Tasteless. It's just PLAIN brown in really plain. Oh and the beef came AFTER I finished my carbonara. And they din give Feng the steak knife, just a normal knife. Steady hor? $96 for all these shit? The only good thing about them is TIRAMISU! The tiramisu is damn delicious. It totally made me forgot all the stress at work...temporarily. Very nice. *Yum* *Smack lips* Best tiramisu I've eaten so far. Like complain very long le midnight le lehz...gotta go sleep soon...don't complain liaoz. Anyway just summarize, this month very leong and very sway. FUCK FUCK FUCK! @#$%^&*


OH FUCK!! I'm going China for training next month! Argh! Supposedly to go in April, then drag till May, then June. Was supposed to leave at the beginning of June, but then I had MA with my skin specialist on the 15th, my manager had no choice but to postpone my trip to 17th June. I'll be away for 3 weeks. THREE FUCKING WEEKS without computer. Therefore I need to buy a laptop. ARGH!! THREE WEEKS!! 3 fucking weekend burnt at China. I'm gonna stay at the HOSTEL. letter more than a HOTEL. The 'S' stands for sucks. SUCKY HOSTEL. Very demoralised lor. Almost cried. That's why I brought my passport and my dad's credit card to work today. I had to book my air ticket. At least I'm flying SQ. Anyone wana send me off? LoL. I'm damn pathetic. Going to go there and feed mosquitoes. Wonder if my blood tastes different from those China colleagues? Heng I'm still close with 1 - 2 colleagues over there. Argh! I'll miss my rabbit! I'll miss SCV!! Most importantly, I'll miss having the freedom to go where I please! I have to be chauffered to go anywhere! Don't think it's glam lor. My company's factory is located at the industrial zone. There's no kopidiam opposite or beside the factory. Oh yah, my hostel is inside the factory as well. There's also a canteen, which even those people working at the factory are complaining about. Piangz, can cheng ji jian fei de lor. To go anywhere, even to the nearest convinient shop or grocery store, I need to ask our company's driver to drive for 20 - 25min. That's equivalent to a bus ride from my house to either Eunos or Bedok Interchange - with traffic jams. It's that fucking far. Sigh. Please people, pity me hor! Sad sad de lehz. Feng must be damn happy, nobody to nag/scold/quarrel with him for 3 weeks. ARGH! 3 weeks I won't be able to drive my Honda Civic!! Grrrrrrrr..............*bang wall and hope to die*

One thing to look forward to though, by the time I come back in July, it's pay increment! LoL. My company does pay adjustments every July. Hnm...just in time lor. Hope I can hurry hurry learn the ropes there, how things are produced and run, then hurry hurry can come home liaoz. Yeah! Do you think 1K RMB is enough for 3 weeks? I'm buying 2 cartons of marlboro menthol lights at SG DFS to China. I DON'T CARE. As well as loads of instant noodles, and tuna, and a soft toy, and loads and loads of story books. samsonite not big enough............. :P


Nice? Was bored the other day at home, so started looking for logos to play around with. I chanced upon this logo creating website, and started surfing the basic logo. Wanted to have a logo that represents BR instead of this one de. But then "友“ stands for friends, loyalty and lastly friendship. Although I can't say I love all those in Bedok Reservoir gang, but I do care for most of them. They are those friends that you can ensure who will make you laugh when you're down, lift up your spirits and be there by you in need of help. These are my neighbours. My friends from WLNY. As the saying goes, far water can't help near fire. Sometimes my classmates can't be there for me like these neighbours can. But then, likewise, sometimes these neighbours can't be there for me cause they don't understand me as well as my classmates do.

Anyway they had been bugging....err, can't use bugging, they had been requesting that I design a logo that belongs to us, ever since I designed a logo that belongs to only me and Feng. So last year, I drew a devil smoking. Most of us in this group are Man Utd fans, therefore the devil. As for smoking, well, most of us smoke in this group too! Haha. therefore I created this:

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The smoke is supposed to make the words 'BR', and the red words below are "Don't mess with the best. Bedok Reservoir". Ok I know I'm lame. LoL. These creative juices only come once in a while ok. I didn't even design my class tee, not that anybody would have bought it. Shuen said too cute so I gave up after awhile. Headache ah...Anyway the logo with the "友“ is nice right? But Huiling say not nice. Gene say something wrong. Hmmz...see what the rest of them says first.

This one was the original one I created on Monday. I posted on the forum and everyone was like WOW. It's not bad. And one of them edited the chinese character. One of them...not saying who, downloaded the Chinese fonts and started editing my logo. MY LOGO. At first, that person edit liao send me, I'm still ok with it cause I think mine still looks great. AFTER that person send 7 edited versions, I wasn't very happy but I didn't know how to tell that person. I'm hurt. Stop editing mine. Why don't you go create one. Please. It's hurting lor, it's akin to saying that my design sucks and urs rocks. And that I just gave you the idea, but outcome is still your credit. ARGH!! No no no! That was what spurred me on to edit it into calligraphy like. Using my Fireworks! I spent 1hr infront of the comp trying to figure out how to use the stupid program. They have updated it so much till it's no longer user friendly, to me anyway. Thank God do liao still look nice. Shall see their response.

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