Sunday, July 29, 2007

29th July 2007, Sunday

Bai Kar

Sigh..I had been a bai kar since Tuesday evening. It wasn't that serious, so I didn't care much. Wednesday my condition was worsened till I can't seemed to climb the small numbers of stairs behind my block, leading to the fitness corner. I was struggling by the time I cross the overhead bridge at my workplace. Wed itself, Shannen accompanied me after work to buy a knee brace. Thurs I wore the knee brace to work. Seemed to be working lehz. But this time I can feel my bone shifting left and right. Thing is, it isn't that painful le. And I can actually climb stairs much easier than on Wed. Fri I wore the knee brace to work too, and slightly after lunch, I couldn't take the pain and I took out my knee brace. Knee was hurting liaoz. Shit. 6pm came, I was walking like a female with a broken left leg. Shannen insisted that Zenn send me to my bus-stop, where I was meeting Feng. Zenn wanted to send me home. Thanks both of you! *Hugz*

Feng saw the pain I was in, and insisted that I don't go out that night. But then hor, I want to watch Harry Potter lehz!! Waited for dad to come home and we drove out. Yes yes, I still can drive. My right leg is ok. As long as I got into the car, I'm OK. I can use my right leg to control my paddles. Thank God mine is a auto car. If it's manual think I cry liaoz. Anyway after movies, I didn't want to go home, so we went for a spin around Serangoon Gardens. Damn long never go. Think I was avoiding that place after the breakup of me and Kevin. But on Friday night, I took Feng there and even drove past Kevin's house. I told Feng where Kevin lived, where Chomp Chomp is, where I used to hang out. Happy Dayz closed down le! So did the Ampang Yong Tau Foo. So many changes. LoL. Went down to Grandlink for dota session after that. when we finished our game, I was close to tears liaoz. Stupid Nelson Chow(my classmate from poly), was there. He sneaked behind me and pulled my chair downwards. Although the impact wasn't very big, but when I land on my legs, trying to balance myself, my knee was hurt. By the time we ended the game, I was shedding tears. Too painful. Was painful until I didn't even want to go out and smoke before heading for home.

So heng that night got road block. And I was cheated by the policeman! Idiotz. Ok, I think I'm the idiotz here. You see, he stopped me. And I winded down my window. He asked if I had consumed any alcohol, and I replied no. Which is true. He pointed something at me and told me that he just needed to check records and asked me to say my IC number slowly, into the "thing". AND I THOUGHT IT WAS SOME NEW GADGET THAT WILL RETRIEVE MY DATA ONCE I SAID MY IC NUMBER. FUCK. I'm that gullible. That "thing" was actually a breathelizer! (However u wana spell it. I can't be bothered) Obviously I passed the test and was asked to move along. When I reached the traffic light (about 2 - 3m away nia)then I realised that was the breathelizer! ARGH!! Jing Cha Shu Shu hui pian ren o! Big baddie! Hmph! Went home to sleep alone cause quarreled with Feng again. Feng walked home at 4+ 5am in the morning. Heng he lived 20min walk away nia. We quarreled on the phone until 6am, when I couldn't take it and fell asleep. Too tired lah.

Sat supposed to go my company's doctor to get referrel letter de. But shit! I woke up at 12pm. Called my parents and they were out at AMK. Fuck. Raining. How to go see doc? Called them up and almost vomit blood. Stupid receptionist. I called around 1215pm.

Me: Hello? What time do you close?
Her: 1230pm
Me: But I just want to get a referrel letter. Can I come down now or something?
Her: But we close at 1230. And what referrel letter huh?
Me: I need a referrel letter to see a specialist
Her: For what? What is wrong?
Me: My knee is hurting
Her: Your what? Huh?
Me: Knee! KNEE!!
Her: Huh?
Me: Xi Gai. Xi Gai.
Her: Oh KNEE. What's wrong with it?
Me: Pain lah! (Grrrr)
Her: But if really painful then u go straight to A&E lor.
Me: I wana see specialist
Her: Oh then you have to get referrel letter lor. (ARGH!!!! stupid)
Me: That's why I want to get from your doctor!
Her: But you get now also no use what. The specialist clinic close liao.
Me: FORGET IT. *Slams phone*

PLEASE LEH! I also know specialist clinic close liaoz. I get referrel letter doesn't mean I need to go to the specialist today what! Also need to make appointment de lehz! Really faint lehz. After much debating with my parents, I decided to go Tie Da first, see how. If really cannot, then Sun go Dina, my family doctor, for an X-ray or something. Or a referrel letter. LoL.

I drove my parents to the Tie Da, and they stayed until Feng reached. And stupid Feng. He's an idiotz. We went in and I was in pain all the time the physician was rubbing my knee. The last time I went, Feng still got let me grab his hand. This time all I had was my jacket lor! I kept on biting to my jacket and I cried. Yes, it's THAT painful. And you know what? Feng still got the mood to take pic of me when I'm in agony. He's damn sadist lor I tell you. The physician can also tell something wrong with my bones. So easy shift left shift right. Think I gotta go again on Monday liaoz. But after he finished dealing with whatever he has to deal with, I felt much better. I could actually walk slightly better! LoL. Went NTUC and shopped around before driving my parents home. Since Feng wanted to smoke, and my rabbit has run out of food, I decided to drive to Tampines to buy her food. Feng and I get to smoke too! Reached home around 7pm and we nua-ed all the way till bedtime at 10+pm.

Think we were too used to sleeping at 6am on Fridays and Saturdays, silly Feng actually woke up at 6+am. I was awakened by him too. I told him that usually on Sat, 6am is the time we got ready for bed. He laughed and asked if I wana go have breakfast. My mind was thinking...WTF...6am lehz. Later mian koon liao lor. So I told him to wake me up at 7am instead. Let me sleep somemore. In the end woke up at 9 and opened the door for him. LoL. Yupz...finally took off my bandages at 7pm, and I think I pulled a hamstring or two (can you even count these things?) when dragging my left leg. And it's still hurting. Back to the knee brace tomorrow morning and back to tie da after work! Poor me. WTH is wrong with me?!?! BAH!

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