Tuesday, July 31, 2007

31 July 2007, Tuesday

Fun Game

This game really got my brain working man. The main motive is to get the yellow guy (on top of the "bird like thingy" out of the cage. LoL. And I did it!! Not without some help of course. You guys also know I have ABSOLUTELY no patience de. LoL. I played until I got 80+%, and I got pissed. So looked and the walkthrough and played around abit and I got 100%! Yeah! Many of the walkthroughs got me to 92% nia. So I modified here and there and Viola! Click here to play wor. LoL. You can play with the time, going forward and backwards. Everything that is clickable can be used. LoL. It was fun lor. Hahaha! Enjoy enjoy. LoL.

This is another game that caught my eyes wor. Spent half the morning playing this. When I came into office, email less than 16. After playing this game, my emails reached 26! OMG! This one got me rather pek cek. But after I figured out what comes first and what goes next, it's rather cool lehz! The ending very cute lor! Kekeke. Click here to play lor. This is nice. The creator is damn clever. Thanks to Feng for introducing such a mind boggling game!

I am still trying to figure out how the hell this will end. I got Ruilin hooked onto this game too! Keke. Duno she got kena hooked or not lah, but then both of us are trying lor! Headache man. First game thhat made me so irritated, yet I can't seem to let go. Wana play? Got answer liao tell me lehz. Damn pek cek...but cannot put down lor!! Argh!! Irritating. Kekeke. Keep trying and trying. Thought I got it liaoz. Chey haven't. KNS.

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