Wednesday, October 3, 2007

03 October 2007, Wednesday

Lack of Updates

So sorry about the lack of updates. Been busy at work trying to break my score at this game website, Kongregate. Idiotic man. But it was addictive. Now that I'd broken the record, I don't go there anymore. LoL. Damn guai pi hor? Intro some games to you guys.

Warbears. They look damn cute. This is story mode. You get something wrong, you gotta start all over again.

Guess how many hours I used to complete it? About 2 hrs. LoL. At least I completed it. Thomas once said that it is not the duration you take to complete something, but the fact is you MUST complete it. Yeah! I'm a winner!

This is the bloody game that had me playing on and on everyday for about 4-6hrs during worktime and lunchtime. Fuck man. Finally gotten my badge. It's easy to win this game, but hard to have your life remain at 40. Strategy games. I like. Bloons Tower Defense. Nice. Stupid game that got me hooked on it. @@#$%^

The website has some nice games lah. After playing awhile, time seemed to go much faster and me more relaxed. LoL. Enjoy.


Sigh. E009 (my poly year one class) has 3 Libra-ians. 2 of them says it's Librians. Whatever. I prefer Libra-ians. Haha. Anyway, advance Happy Birthday to Eugene Ng, Susana Chua and Nelson Chow. They are so going to kill me if they sees this. I used their surnames lehz. Haha. Anyway, had a difficult morning trying to coordinate the timing of all 3 birthday peeps and our group. Too bad Nel couldn't join us this Sat. To all E009 people who are reading this, remember, Pepper Lunch, AMK Hub, THIS Sat at 7pm. LoL.

This morning had a little communication breakdown with the birthday boy (actual bday this Sat!). Messaged everyone to meet AMK Hub, all think today meeting. So bday boy said he cannot make it, when he had told me he's free whole of Sat sometime last week. This is how the message goes:-

Me to everyone (mass message): Ok AMK Hub at 7pm, destination pepperlunch. Quite affordable, most expensive set is only $18. Please reply your attendance so I can make reservations. (something like that lah. Didn't write date)

Eugene: ? Can't make it at night?

Me to Sue (over phone): How!! Gene cannot make it this Sat!! Argh! Head pain.

Sue: Then you guys go ahead and meet in the afternoon lor. It's ok. Count me in for the present can le. I can't go got class.

Me to Sue: Cannot!! You must go!! Celebrating all Libra's bday this Sat!

Sue: Oh then how? Then meet 12pm lor.

Me to Sue: Ok then meet Dhoby Ghaut lor. Easier for you to go class also.

Sue: Ok set!

Me to everyone (mass msg again): OK..error in message..i don't mean today la! Aiyoh..I mean sat..but birthday boy not free at night so meet 12pm dhoby ghaut mrt..go eat pepper lunch at dhoby exchange..12pm! Don't be late please reply your attendance by TODAY. Thanks.

Eugene to Me (sms): I'm free on sat..Whole day if you need..Lol..

Me: WTF...*develops a headache*

Me to Eugene (sms): Thought you just now say cannot make it at night then why now say can?

Eugene to Me (msn): Banana (that's the nick ONLY gene can call me by).

*Adds Sue to the chat

Me to Sue (msn): Stupid gene tells me he can make it on Sat liaoz. Slap him.

Sue (msn): Slap

*Cut the crap lah hor...ok continue.....

Me to Eugene/Sue (msn): So confirm Sat, 7pm AMK hub hor.

Both (msn): Ok set.

Me to everyone (mass msg AGAIN!): OK sorry guys! Last confirmation. Location: AMK Hub Pepperlunch. Date/time: 10/06 (Sat)/7pm. PLS REPLY attendance. Need 1 reserve seats. Confirmed with them that can reserve seats le. Thx.

Me to both (msn): Choose cake.

Eugene (msn): Busy. Kena scolded by sup.

Me (msn): Sue you choose.

And she chose this:

Had ordered it le. Waiting for Sat to come. The message on the cake? Muahahaha...Sat take photo let you guys see. Really miscommunication. Breakdown liaoz. Ok me get my ass back to work. Spent the whole morning trying to settle this. ARGH. Ciaoz

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