Thursday, October 4, 2007

04 October 2007, Thursday

Finally Caught

Was reading the Straits Times during lunch today, and came across the front page news on the Home section. And I saw a title: 1 1/2 years' jail for... chatroom cheat. And on the side was : THE THREE FACES OF 'CINDY' - CHATROOM 'CINDY' and 'Within 10 min, she asked for $500'. Found it abit familiar, and continued to read the story. As I read on, the sentences like 'My landlord is kicking me out, unless I get money for the rent urgently!' and '21-year-old student named Cindy on MSN Messenger chatroom, approaches men for money to help pay for rent, settle a brother's debts or pay for 'her' mother's funeral costs.' made me light up. Of course! The very same "girl" cheated my friend of $600!! In just 20min talk!! WTF! Finally he's caught.

For those who don't know the story, can read it here. Haha! First thing I did was to call my friend (not going to name him) and asked him to buy Straits Times. But he read it liao. Haha! So I kiddingly told him that he's not the only stupid one. There are 39 others who are as stupid. Just kidding lah friend!

Anyway, after he was cheated of $600 LAST YEAR, he got me and another couple of friends to actually track this "Cindy" down, and have a chat with her if possible. After chatting, we'll log the chat and pass it to him, where he'll pass all these logs as evidence to the police. I did my part. I tried talking to "her" as Xueyu, but you know what? "She" wouldn't talk to me. So I created a new email with a guy's name, and searched for guy's photo to put on my msn. Yeah!! I caught the fish! "She" started talking and telling me that she's only 21 years old and is from Msia. She's living in a rented flat at Eunos with her younger sister. You guys also know I very ji siao, so I asked her Eunos where. Very anti climax lor. People trying to tell me a sob story but all I did was ask alot of questions. She told me she's living at block 14 of Eunos Cresent and that she needs money urgently. Her mom had passed away and she spent all the money on the funeral. Now landloard wants to kick her out since she has no money. (When did Singaporeans become so hard hearted? Hmm) Then I told her I'm living opp where she stays and offered to speak with her landlord. She insisted that is not neccessary and it will actually worsen the situation. She then told me she's going work (at 4pm?) and she's knocking off at 11pm (7hrs of work only?) @ Seagate AMK. She then gave me her bank a/c number and her IC number. (Wow) And her hp number. And she logged off. LoL. Bingo. I've the evidence my friend needs. Sadly is, the police says this is a civil case and they cannot interfere. WTF. Anyway now kena caught liaoz. Friend says it's ok that the $600 cannot take back, cause treat it as a lesson learnt. LoL.

Have to admit the photo of "Cindy" very pretty. If I'm a guy definitely fall in love with her, and will lend her all my cash in hope that she'll go out with me, be my gf or have a one night stand. LoL. Yes, she's that fuckable. It turned out that the photo is of a cheerleader in Taiwan. Hahahaha! Those who kena cheated, let this be a lesson to you. Not all pretty girls are damsels in distress and you are not a knight in shining armour. Neither are they going to fall for you when it comes to money. Unles you own a sports car and have an annual income of 120K and above. =P

Picture taken from The Straits Times

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