Friday, November 16, 2007

DotA on Facebook!

Muahahhaa...this is like super fun!!!! I always get owned when I play with Nel they all. At least in Facebook I can own whoever is in my way!! Ok I'm a sore loser. LoL. Always tell my opposite team that if I lose I'm going to quit game and go home. But I never once did. Even if I lose. LoL. That's game-manship I guess. Kekeke. Check out the DotA on Facebook! So damn cute! Although no animations but cute lah. If guys love to play CM, this suits you lor. Look at words nia.

Yes yes, you kill creeps!! LoL. If you can't kill hero then kill creeps and towers lor.

This is the ambitious me, trying to kill some hero at Lv 1. First Kill! Keke

I won!! And I leveled!

Me lost this battle. But it's ok. Just showing you guys only. Stupid Facebook. As if I'm not addicted to it during worktime! Argh!

Oh when you fight battles, you win, you earn gold. Just like in DotA. Only difference is if you lose a battle, you don't lose gold. Instead you lose experience. And the gold can buy stuff!! Sange & Yasha, Battle Fury..etc etc.

And best thing is they can stack!! My boots of travel actually stacked!

And you can choose the hero here. No -ar sorry. LoL. Obviously I chose my favourite: Drow Ranger! Thinking should I choose Centuar? Or Rasta? But then the ulti also can't be used. So anyhow choose my favourite lor! Drow! Chiobu. Keke. If you want to play this on facebook, rem to tell me. I'll send you the invite! ^_^ Me go play le...*shoots cold arrows*


Darrel said...

Hi, i have seen your blog and its kinda good can you e-mail me the website to play the dota game in the web, my e-add is THANKS!

Yaemon said...

add me my email
i want to play this game.

Dota player said...

you can add