Monday, November 5, 2007

Funny Names

I just received an email from one of my China customer and when I saw the name, I just had to blog about it and share. Many of my China customers have funny names. Seriously. LoL. The email I just received was from Never Chen. Yes, that's the name. Never. LoL. Just imagine this customer of mine meeting up with an ang moh.

Ang Moh: Hi how do you do.
Never: Hi
Ang Moh: And your name is?
Never: Never
Ang Moh: Pardon?
Never: Never
Ang Moh: Denver?
Never: NEVER!
Ang Moh: Whatever.

Hahahahah!! OK I'm damn evil. Let me list down a few of my customer's name:

Stone Zhang - Female
Tiger Lo - Female
Winner Zhang - Female (aren't we all winners? LoL)
Lynn Zhang - Male
Wu Dan Dan - Male (mo din cantonese)
Rainy Weng - Male
Ciela - Female (sounds like die lah in hokkien)
Vip Li - Male (Dotz...he's a vip lehz)
Rocky Li - Male
Gorgeous - N.A (Don't know guy or girl, never converse before)
Seafowl Xiong - N.A (Seafowl lehz...sea = 海 fowl = 鸟?)
Reacher Wang - Male (damn fucked up guy)

Yupz. That's about all. According to Cat, she had heard a China guy's name announced over the custom counter as Lao Sai. LoL. Funny names. I guess Monica Cheng and Nelson Tan etc can be shelved away le.

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