Sunday, November 11, 2007

Still Swollen

Hey today is 4 days after I had extracted my wisdom tooth. I can finally mumble and need not cry le. Although my neck is still swollen, I can eat slightly more solid food. LoL. But damn I still look ugly. Yesterday Feng came over, and since I couldn't go out (didn't want to anyway, I look damn ugly now), we played maple story. He brought his laptop over and I played on my comp. Played until 4am and I told him I'm really in pain, need to rest. I realised there's not so much pain if I ate the painkillers. Being the stubborn me, I didn't want to take it until it's really jialat. But now everyday also guai guai take 3 times. =P

This was me on Sat. Look damn ugly. If you look closely, the swelling on the cheeks seemed to be going down, but what you didn't see is the neck. It's starting to swell.

Look carefully at the neck instead. At the end of the jawline, it is swollen on the left. And I can tell you, every morning it feels as though I never slept properly. My neck would hurt and I'll reach out for my painkillers. They looked like M&Ms anyway. Today is Sunday le, the swelling haven't gone down completely. I still can't talk normally.

Tomorrow is Monday. My parents told me to back to the dentist. This time the swelling really took a very long time. They told me to go back and check out what is happening. I've been sleeping for 4 days, and cutting myself from the world outside my doorstep for 4 days. All because of my stupid tooth. Hope it'll recover soon. Later gotta msg Shannen le. I thought I could go back work tomorrow. But apparently I can't, cause I can't talk and eating is another problem. *Sigh* Heng my MC covers tomorrow as well.

For the last 4 days, I've been eating porridge. And parents had been buying me tao huey. Need my proteins. I was so happy cause on Sat, I finally "upgraded" my porridge to something slightly more solid (like in this pic) other than mushy "muey". Mom had cooked my porridge repeatedly everyday for at least 3 times to turn it to mush before I can consume it. But Sat I can finally eat something slightly more solid. Though it took longer cause they're harder to swallow. Yupz, been swallowing my food, can't chew. Even today. Kelian hor? ARGH!! OK gotta go type report. I promised Eileen I'll give her the corrective action report by Monday. Although I cannot go work, but still must do de. Ciaoz!

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