Thursday, November 29, 2007

You mean it's STILL not over?

OMG. This is crazy. I was actually surfing Yahoo news to find out about the luncheon meat from China which they suspect contained cancer causing substances. And what did I find instead? Odex is aiming at Pacific Internet. *Faint*

Apparently, even though that Odex might lose the court case, they are not giving up and had had a closed-door hearing. Read about it here. All Pacnet users, beware. Cause according to this story, Odex is apparently getting supports from the creators of the anime. So if Odex loses the case, the Japanese animes creators are going after those illegal downloaders. So far Singnet and Starhub had given in (Singnet gave up without a fight! Duh...they're "government", need to follow law) and they are aiming Pacific Internet next.

At this point of time, I'm just glad I did not download anymore anime. The last time I download anime was like 3 years ago? It's only mp3 that I'm interested in downloading. Sigh. Why can't that stupid Odex just give up?! THEY ARE NOT THE CREATORS OF THE ANIMES. THEY'RE JUST THE ONES WHO SUB-TITLES THE ANIMES. Not as if the English are perfect. @#$%