Saturday, December 15, 2007

My Christmas List

With Christmas coming in another 10 days, I guess it's time to make my list. To those who wana buy me the presents, you have exactly 2 weekends to get any of the following for me! *This goes out to you too dear! ^_^ *

Times Bookstore vouchers!! I just bought 4 storybooks last Sat for $85, so if you want to buy me more books, I don't mind accepting $100 voucher! Keke. No lah, any amount will do as long as it is above $20. =P The story books I like usually costs $19 and above. THANK YOU!!

Can't remember the brand of perfume, but this is the asia version. Don't know Singapore got or not, but I don't mind the non-asia version as well. *_^

CK's In2U!! I want I want..I know I still have 6 bottles of perfume that I am currently using, but one more bottle of perfume is perfect! One perfume for every single day of the week! Keke.

I like watches that are unique. And I do not like people asking me for the time. This watch is perfect cause it can't be read clearly. Keke. CK watches! Dear..I don't have CK watch lehz....

I find this very classy yet feminine. Xueyu likes. Who wana buy for me? I don't mind receiving this for my bday also. LoL.

Charles & Keith shoes! See all so nice. And bot only 6cm tall!! Meaning when I wear it.....I'll still be shorter than Feng. -_-""

My wallet CMI le. Cards are dropping out and I've to fold my notes so that they can fit into my current wallet. I kinda like these designs cause can put cards, can put notes (w/o folding them) and most importantly can put coins! ^_^

I know I have ALOT of bags, but where got enough. Don't know why but think I got a craving for Burberrys this year. LoL. It just seems so....nice isn't it? The nice...*drool*

Look look!! Polo Ralph Lauren tee!! I showed my dad and he said that got figure wear anything also nice. I so fat, buy branded also useless. -_-" But I like the big horse!! B-I-G horse!! I told Sue and she said she'll buy it for my 30th birthday. What nice friend I have. @#$% Since it is tight fitting, guess I'll fit either into a 'L' or 'XL' =P

OK..I've finished my list. OK..these things are just what I love. Although I don't mind accepting the Times Bookstore vouchers or the Charles and Keith shoes. Heck! I don't mind accepting all! Haha. But those who know me knows that I would rather use my own money to buy branded stuff. Maybe these shall be my aim for 2008...hiaks.


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