Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Yuki Yaki @ Marina Square

Since 31st Dec Feng was working and couldn't count down with me, we went out the next day. On New Year's day. We went Marina Square cause I wanted to eat Yuki Yaki. Wanted to try. LoL. We first bought tickets to watch National Treasure and went in to Yuki Yaki at 430pm. Our show was at 620pm. LoL. I told him definitely not enough time to eat and enjoy. Did he listen? No.. =P

Yuki Yaki is a little like Seoul Garden. But with pork belly and a different pot for the soup. They have fish based soup, chicken ginseng soup and tom yam soup. Feng chose the chicken soup cause he knows I don't really like tom yam based soup for my food. And I can tell you. YOU CAN SMELL THE "GINSENG" LOR. It's not like chicken soup at Seoul Garden where they just throw in chicken cube and call it ginseng soup or whatever. The one at Yuki Yaki...SUPERB. Got yao cai wei one. Oh yah..and it's not small and pathetic like Seoul Garden.

Need I say more about the variety of food? There are veggies, tofu (egg), fish cakes, beef, lamb, chicken and pork!! Oh sweet pork. Stupid Feng even took the salmon head and put it into the soup. Thank God for him that the soup doesn't taste of fish or else I'm just going to change the whole pot. They give you butter, those kind that you get when you go hotel eat breakfast. Small small ones in small packages. Either that or you can choose to use pork belly. Oh...we took pork belly to eat by the way. Shiok. LoL. And the pot to grill...big and clean.

He is enjoying himself. Really enjoying. We had fun eating...can't wait to go back again!!

The food we had. I can't stop eating their teriyaki chicken. Nice nice de, don't really like their beef though. Pork belly best lah!! *Drool* I'm hungry just thinking about it....oh did I mention that their prawns are damn big and their variety of food is more than S.G?

The waitresses/waiters there are very auto one. When one of them spotted how black our foil is, they suggested changing it for us. See! Hassle free!! No more food sticking to the pan or whatever. Ingenious. LoL. Majiam follow Zheng Fa Huo Hai Xian at Marina South hor? But great idea. Lessen the washing time.

These aren't drinks I can tell you, although you can drink it if you want. For just extra $2 per pax, you can turn your hot pot into ice cream maker. Cool right? OK I'm damn slow, but it was my first time at this sort. The first branch to have it is at Cineleisure. Always wanted to go but no chance. Anyway these "drinks" are ice cream, waiting to be turned into ice cream. LoL. With 30min left, I was impatient.

Let the pictures speak for themselves. And guess what. Even though I took so much sprinkles and all, the people didn't mind! And the love letters? I can tell you lor, not cheapskate stuff lor. Really nice smelling and tastes nice. And the total bill? $53+. Round off...$54 for 2. Dinner price. Seriously, this place is going to take over Seoul Garden in my heart. I used to love S.G alot, that is until they started taking away my green noodles and pork belly. Sianz. Think find one day, going to ask my classmates go there for gathering liaoz. Keke!

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