Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Por Kee Eating House

Last Friday I conned my parents to accompany me down to Bata @ Penninsular to buy boots for the Japan trip. When we got there, the boots are ugly and expensive. It's made of pig skin..and costs $369. -_-" My dad, fed up with being conned there and to pay $2 for a 15min parking, was hungry. As they say, a hungry man is an angry man. One that can't think straight except feeling anger. And hunger. My mom suggested going down to Tiong Bahru to have our dinner. I suggested going to the Tiong Bahru market, but they have other plans.

When we turned into this carpark, we were actually stuck for about 5 - 10min before I could see this restaurant. Apparently many had decided to eat here as well. The name sounds like Porky...LoL

Just opposite the Tiong Bahru market (in a very small lane), this restaurant was nicely hidden. Yet so many people flock to this restaurant to have their dinner.

Just look at the number of people dining here! We actually had to wait about 10 - 15min before we had a table to ourselves. The aircon area was reserved by some company I guess, cause when I went to the ladies, I heard this table yum seng-ing. When I came out, another table was doing the same thing with the same person leading.

I realised that many people had taken of this similar photo in many of the reviews I've read. LoL. Great minds think alike.

The archar. Which of course, for someone who hates sour stuff, definitely won't try. It's either my dad is famished or it's very nice, cause my dad kept eating this while waiting for the dishes to arrive. Yucks!


This is sheng cai (生菜腐乳) with the fermented don't know what. Not saltish at all, quite alright. Just nice I guess. People like me would add soy sauce. The veggies have just a little hint of 腐乳, so the smell isn't too overpowering.

Sea Cucumber & Tofu

Claypot sea cucumber and tofu! They make the tofu themselves! I mean, in this era, which self respecting tze char won't make their own tofu? LoL. But my mom, who usually hates egg tofu, is singing praises of this. Maybe cause this restaurant is recommended by her? Oh did I mention the sea cucumber is cut into big bite sizes? Not those small small ones where you've to dig the whole pot for? They are not stingy with the sea cucmber and the tofu. And the mushroom...WOW! It's in one big big piece! *Drool*

Champagne Pork Ribs

Every restaurant has a signature dish (招牌菜). Of course, Por Kee has one too. It's Champagne Pork Ribs. Supposedly to be seasoned in champagne before cooking, there is no taste of champagne at all. It tastes like 密兹排骨 (hope my Chinese is correct). However, the meat is so tender you can cut it apart with the fork and spoon effortlessly. Maybe that's what the champagne is for, to tenderise the meat. Damn nice also! Shiok man.

Soon Hock

Dad wanted to order a lobster, after being recommended by the waiter. But I wanted to eat fish (since I'm having cold sores and can't eat seafood), so I suggested having a Soon Hock. Dad once told me that Soon Hock must be deep fried then nice. But since it's live Soon Hock, the waiter recommended us to steam it. Yes, it's life. They have a series of life seafood in the restaurant; prawns, fish, lobsters etc. They fish came out to be D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S. It's tender and the sauce complements the fish totally. Wow!! It's fantastic I tell you!!

The details of the restaurant:
Por Kee Eating House 波记冷气海鲜酒楼
Blk 69 Seng Poh Lane #01-02
Opening hours: 1130 - 1430, 1800 - 0030
Tel: 6221 0582

Seriously, I don't mind going back again for all these dishes. The total bill for all 4 dishes (+ rice + archar + towels + tea + etc) came up to $96 if I don't rememeber wrongly. Don't think it is expensive, cause the fish is a rather big one. By the time I finished the dinner, I was so full till I couldn't walk. The service there is very good as well. The one who took our order came by every now and then to ensure the food is good ("How's the food? 好吗?食物还可以吗?和胃口吗?)and to refill our empty tea cups. TOP NOTCH! LoL. No wonder my mom keeps coming back (twice with her colleagues and once with us). According to my mom, their mini Buddha jumps over wall (迷你佛跳墙) also not bad. Mom says find another day come back again. I'm all for it! =)

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