Friday, November 21, 2008

Dentist Made Me Ugly Today

You know..sometimes we failed to notice the littlest things. Ever since I had my braces up, people failed to remember how crooked they were. They look at my teeth from face front. Or maybe because it's just not worth noticing lah. LoL. I mean who goes around noticing teeth? OK..I admit I do go around noticing teeth. LoL. But then..after I had my braces, people never failed to say how straight my teeth are now until they see.........

this. I love to look at their reaction when I show them this pic on my iTouch and place it next to my mouth. LoL. I mean..the changes are more drastic this way mah. And this pic was taken on the first day when I had my braces...08/21. Still can see bits of wax I put on the brackets to stop them from cutting my lips. Exactly 3 months ago. And before I had the usual monthly checkup, my teeth were like..

this. OK..this is not that recent, cause I actually have my bottom braces up as well. But then comparing the above pic and this pic, you can see the difference right? Furthermore the above pic was taken about 1 month+ after I had the braces. And today..I went to the dentist for my monthly tightening and checkup..and what she did?

This. I feel ugly right now. Complained to my parents, to Sue, Erin and Eugene. Eugene was laughing. Damn it. Sue and Erin didn't see the pic, so they don't know how it was like. No difference you say? Look properly lor!!!!! THERE'S. A. FUCKING. BIG. GAP. BETWEEN. MY. TWO. FRONT. TEETH.

Actually bottom row also got gaps..just not that obvious. Initially Dr Ho told me that since I didn't remove teeth, she might have to reduce the width of my two front teeth. I thought..OK..anything to make it nicer and maybe it's a little only. BLOODY HELL! When I was done, I have this habit of checking myself out on the mirror. First check nothing, cause I thought she changed my brackets or something, but other than striping (think it's cleaning between the wires, cause she removed the wires and cleaned my teeth), putting on a button (to pull out a teeth that's set inside), apparently she filed my teeth to this. I know she filed my teeth, can feel. But I didn't know it's that much lor!!!! Sob. I'm gonna stay home till the braces pull my teeth to fill that gap. For the time also lao hong liao. The price one have to pay to be pretty........

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