Friday, December 12, 2008

I Fought With The Hair Stylist

I went out in the afternoon to get my hair done. Supposedly to get a rebond and a hair cut. I wanted to cut my hair in till ear lobe length. LoL. I went around 1pm to the Shisheido salon near my place and went in asking to do rebonding. FYI, there's no female stylists there, only males. Told the guy I want to do rebonding and he asked if I wanted to cut. I told him ya. I want it in between ear lobe and shoulder. His reaction was like..HUH!? Why cut so short? Then he made a comment: 这么短好看meh (So short nice meh). Then I told him to make decision. He showed me the amount he wanted to cut, which was like 2 - 3 inches nia. Like that might as well don't cut!!

So he proceed to cut a little first..which is about 4 inches off..and he showed it to me. I told him to cut it shorter..and cut it as short as he can possibly cut. He replied: 这么狠阿?(So heartless ah? *or somewhere along that line lah...). LoL. Little did he know that I kept such long hair because Feng used to forbid me to cut too short. He liked long hair. But now..I just wana be easy..easy to manage easy to make myself look good without having to spend 10min blowing my hair so it'll stay. Think the stylist was more heartbroken than me about me wanting to chop off all that hair. Cause you see..I'm cutting from

this. Pretty cute hor? Look like xiao meimei. So far comments had been great. Thanks guys!! Everyone said that this suited me (meaning I xiao meimei lah). Dad said this hairstyle made me look more like a girl. -_-" Faint leh. Think the stylist on purpose one lah. I kept "fighting" with him to cut shorter and shorter. I wanted my fringe to be at nose length..but he just kept on cutting and cutting. Then when he was done, he was smiling and asking me if it's short enough. Piangz! Cut somemore I no fringe liao lah!! @#$%. Think it's the first time a customer fight with stylist to cut it shorter and shorter...everytime also the customer not willing to cut. Think I must be crazy. LoL. But you know what? My head feels lighter, I don't feel as hot and I look younger. FINALLY! LoL. Can't wait to "scare" my friends next week! Huix says I look like xiao meimei but when I whip out my ciggie, I won't look that pure anymore. @#$%^!!! LoL. K lah, me go koonz liaoz. Tml meeting Yen for supper and Nel they all for KTV. I love my holidays! Update again!

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