Friday, September 25, 2009

Low EQ People Are Insensitive

OK, I don't think anyone would lash out at me, cause nobody would say their EQ is low. LoL. At least that's what I think. This is just my ranting. My opinion. Please do not lodge complain in Stomp or whatever.

Ranting cause...well, there's this guy that's been irritating me. He has high EQ, knows how to present himself well, but I guess he just has very low EQ. Either that or he hates me. I prefer the first one though. Cause apparently I'm not the only person complaining about him. =P Whenever I make some remarks, he'll shoot me back. Like example, just now, I took the brochure for Bachelor in Electrical Engineering, and said that I wana take the degree part time. He said," Good. Change course lor." Not even talking to him lah!

Just yesterday, he was asking what to eat for lunch. So I told him 1 hokkien noodles, $3, mai hiam (no chilli). Then he say mai hiam means anything right? Then I told him, I speak hokkien, mai4 hiam1 = no chilli. Mai4 hiam2 = anything. Then he proceeded to tell me that I should brush up on my hokkien, and that he was telling a joke. And that I suck for not understanding his joke. But then nobody was laughing at his joke. So I told him, it's either his joke suck or all of us sucked. Sheesh.

I kept telling myself, forget it. Treat him as a xiao di di. But sometimes, his "jokes" are quite hurtful. I can take jokes doesn't mean I can take it ALL THE WAY. Some snide remarks can be kept to yourself. Apparently he don't know how to judge a person on their reaction or facial expression. He's just so naggy sometimes!! ARGH!! *1...2...3...4...5...*

He's just so not worth it. QL's looking at me and I'm laughing at her. She's so funny and just brightens my day lah!! Haha...ok lah, gotta "listen" to the lecture liao. *Yawn*

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