Wednesday, December 14, 2005

14 Dec 2005, Wednesday

Today met up with Weiliang at bubble tea shop. Supposedly to be 1pm de, but I woke up late sia. Too tired. Yesterday chatted with Mike, Nelson, David, Cat, Jayven and James on msn..mass talk. All from de. Haha..great bunch of people. Anyway long time no met up with Weiliang le. Every since before he went BMT till now he POP liaoz. Anyway usual..went there Weiliang's jaw dropped. He told me that Sue had mentioned that I slimmed down, but he didn't know I'd slimmed down so much. All thanks to You-Know-Who. LoL. Anyway sat there till 2+ 3pm, then left le. Didn't talk much to uncle also. But uncle and auntie said I became prettier. Thanks!! LoL. In case you're wondering, uncle and auntie are the owners of the bubble tea shop. Haha!
Went back school, on the way saw Shunxi, Seow Hin, Patrick and Terence. Heard from them Terence new sub com..1.2 nia. Small kid. LoL. Went back club room sit..missed those times. Missed sitting behind the table, missed those times where we played drums inside, missed those times where we were so bored we played table tennis. How can I ever forget the time me and Kevin boh liao went back sch and spent time alone in my clubroom? Haha..those were the times man..eating pizza, wetting the floor, flowers everywhere, late late then go home..damn...
Anyway met up with Andrew Tham for awhile..he commented that I slimmed alot and said I must had lost 10kg. So kua zhang! I only lost 5kg lorz..Weiliang oso said I lost 10kg..I last time got so fat meh!! Hmph! Great to hear those comments sometimes also lah. LoL. We went to ITAS to eat..changed so much, it's really a food court instead of a canteen le. Walk around, saw Benny Chin, my beloved lecturer from IT/ICP..haha..still as idiotic as ever. Went back clubroom, zhuo boh till 530pm then went home le. Today not very productive wor..sianz..kept thinking of him.
Weiliang gave me a suggestion, keep thinking of him then one day sian le then I won't think's like u gian eat durian, then keep eating everyday every moment, sure eat till scared then won't eat for a certain period. Maybe lor..but nowadays think oso not that painful le lah. Just reminiscing our happy memories together..hope he's happy wherever he is..
Kevin, this is for you if you're reading this..remember you've me as a friend, just like before. Call me when you're down I'll be there. If you realise you're lost, don't worry I'll help cause we were once buddies, we still will be. You've been a great pillar of support for me all these yrs..5yrs don't worry. I know you've alot of friends to support you, but when you're lonely and down, you know who to call. Take care my friend.

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