Saturday, December 24, 2005

24 December 2005, Saturday

First and foremost, congratulate Thomas on getting his pink IC!! And today his paper can pass!! Congrats!! LoL.

Hey Merry Christmas to all and to all a Happy holidays!! LoL. Christmas spirit finally coming in. This year's X'mas is the first time in...err..7 or 8 yrs ba, that I'm single and spending it w/o a boyfriend. Well, I'm leaving for Malaysia on 25th, 8am so can't party too late also. Where are you guys celebrating your holidays? I'm celebrating at One Fullerton wor. Bakerzin to be exact. Haha..made a reservation for 8 people, dinner-ing there. LoL. Can't wait!!!!!! Haha!
Today, or rather 23rd Dec wasn't that smooth sailing. Some stupid family problems. Dad got drunk, his fren sent him home, both me and mom got angry, went downstairs to bring him up, his fren got angry, embarrassed me, I shouted and screamed vulgarities, got pissed and cried. Kaoz. I almost wanted to go Katong lor. I know Karleong is there and my Chivas haven't drink finish yet. I could go there and get myself high for FREE. But I didn't. I wanted to jio Sue out for a drink, she's frustrated enough with her trip to Sarawak on Christmas day. Jio Nelson, but only 2 of us..don't want lah. Not very nice, scared I give him wrong impression. David koonz le, Mike working, Cat must be cheonging somewhere. Anderson is at KTV. Piangz..I was at my wits end..almost called Kevin..but then I stopped myself. Forget it lah, I called him when I was in China, depressed also, and what did he do? Make me even more depressed. Fuck it. I rather be depressed at home. In the end mass chat with Huiling, Sue and Jacky made me laughed again. I asked them should I wear skirt or jeans tonite, cause I've a new pair of platforms..ALL THREE SAY JEANS. KNS.

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