Saturday, December 31, 2005

31 Dec 2005, Saturday

Sigh. It's 31st le. Wish all readers a HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance first! Sianz. Today I don't have program!!! Piangz..7 years tradition gone down the drain like that. Actually got lah..meeting up with Anderson later at 630pm..go for tarot reading then dinner. After that lehz? Well Roy did asked me if I want to join him at Westin Stamford. Don't be mistaken lor, go there is one big group. Last year I celebrated my new year at Roxy Hotel, this year at Westin? Still thinkin lah.
Cut this short first, cause David called me like 2 min ago, asking me to go prata with him, Nelson and Spencer. to tell my mom? I've been meeting him for the past 4 days liaoz..LoL. Tues met up with him, Mike, Cat, SHuhui, Nelson, Lim Shuen and James for chat at Macs. Wednesday met up with David, Mike, Shuhui, Nelson and Shuen (pronounced as Xuen) for a drink at East Coast cabana. Thursday, which is yesterday, met up with David, Nelson, Simon, Shuhui, Mike, Shuen for KTV session at Party World Shenton Way. Steady right. Wed drinks were fully paid by Shuen, Thursday KTV was paid by Nelson. LoL. Everytime go expensive places I no need pay. Starting to feel abit paiseh le. later..I go down meet them first...
BACK!! It's 0230hrs le. Met up with them for 1.5hrs. I lied to my mom just now somemore, told her I meeting up with Eugene and Jacky, cause Jacky's leaving for Indonesia today. Partially true okies..Jacky IS leaving for Indonesia today. LoL. Anyway think I beginning to fall for one of the guys le. Cannot say who, LoL. Hint? He's born in 1980. Heng ah!! That group most of the guys 1980 de. But's unattainable. Thomas should know why, cause he's in the same dilemma as me. Sigh. Go sleep first..or rather I'm on phone with Thomas now. Haha! Deciding where to go later tonite. See I'm so pathetic, no plans! LoL. My lesbian partner is in Sarawak, Jacky's in Indonesia, Eugene with his sec sch friends, Yihui confinement (poor you), Bryan want go chiong, Randy duno him. LoL. David meeting his sec sch frens and somemore he working tml, he sure go drinking with Spencer they all de. *Knock his head* Drink milk!! LoL. Private joke. Anyway, Mike jio me tonite go Fisherman's Village, but go with his wife and him, I like very the bright wor. See how lah, sticking to Thomas tonight. Hua hua hua.
Gotta go bathe le, meeting Anderson later. He steady, he going tarot reading and he say he don't mind paying for mine as long as I can get back on track. I lost my meaning of life and aims recently you see. But $35..LoL..we shall see..Anyway last but not least, to everyone, 2005 if it's a good year for you, just leave it in 2005 for 2006 will be a better year! As for those whose 2005 isn't that good like me, leave it in 2005 also, and hope (pray hard, cross fingers) that 2006 will be an extremely good one!!! Happy New Year everybody!

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