Tuesday, January 31, 2006

31st Jan 2006, Tuesday

Sigh. About 14 hours ago I just reached home from a trip to M'sia. Went to watch movie with Sue and Jiawei, then had kopi with them and Meng, then met up with Mike, Shuhui, Faith, Shuen, Elaine, Sue, Jiawei, David, Nelson, Meng and Roy at Macs. We went off to Mike's house to play cards around 12am. Just reached home around an hour ago. Courtesy of Shuen. Had to send Sue back first, then Shuen send me back.
I got ice wine to drink le cause Shuen promised me ice wine!!! LoL. Was thinkin of my ice wine at home, the one I bought when I went to Bintan with Kevin, Zizhang, Weili, Zitai and Wei. Was supposed to give my parents drink, but then they duno how to xing shang, so Kevin and I decided to drink ourselves during X'mas or something. Too bad broken up le. Shuen made a joke saying that I should have asked Kevin out to drink finish that ice wine before break, then at least won't be reminded of him.
Thing is..I don't really remember much le. He's just another ex le I guess. Jiawei said either I moved on or I'd become heartless. LoL. Once I was reading thru my old blog at isabsy.blogspot.com then I saw a posting saying that me and him celebrating our anniversary or something. I then thought to myself, what was the date that me and him were together officially. GAWD! I actually forgot! LoL. Then I remembered. Nothing to that cause I remember the date me and Jason and Eggie were together. Jason was on 14/11/2000 and Eggie was on 20/04/2001. Steady right? Even remembered Glen..my ex when I was in sec 3..we were tgt on 31/05/1997. Haha! So nothing more le ba.
Anyway my feelings on the crush..like depreciating. Majiam like car..once drive out of the garage then depreciate le. I no longer have the electrifying feeling when I see him. Guess all I wanted was someone to take notice of me, and/or accompany me thru the night. Kaoz. I've so many friends to accompany thru the night le, so nowadays treat him more and more like a good friend. As for my fling, well, we're more and more open with our affections towards each other. LoL. *Hugz*
Maybe what I'd always wanted is not someone to call my own, rather it's someone who can accompany me. Anyone can fit in that criterior, so for now, I don't have a need for a bf. So to my Aunt, my cousin and his wife and my mom, PLEASE STOP ASKING ME TO CONSIDER THE GUYS YOU INTRODUCED! With exeption of my cousin's best man cause he's damn tall and cute lookin! Haha..best of all he's an engineer...hua hua hua..crazy.
Anyway Happy new year all! Need to sleep le, abit tired and there's a stupid ulcer in my mouth. When I upload the pics then post ba..lousy camera phone. Haha! Nitez!

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