Thursday, February 9, 2006

09 Feb 2006, Thursday

So long no blog le!!! LoL. Sorry, been busy with bai nian, Thomas' flower business and of course! GAMBLING!!! Damn, I lost over $100 this new year. Argh!! Best of all, silly mountain tortise gave me his money to lose. Silly guy! Money is yours lehz, although a few dollars nia but then, everytime I lose you push more money to me. Stupid. LoL. Haha, think you read le blur right? Who I talking abt? Let's just call him mountain tortise. Don't wana name names here, but then most people should know ba. Or rather people around both of us should know cause I always call him mountain tortise and he always call me pig.
Damn! Call me pig not coz I fat hor!!! Pig coz he says I always sleep till very late. Yah, as if he not pig. Sleep late, go camp early and sleep. What to do, people got chocolate bars mah. Haha! K lah, see I can update or not...damn long blog..

26 Jan, he looks gorgeous

26 Jan, last month I know. But I remembered it like it happened yesterday. *So storybook hor* Anyway, supposed to meet him go movies, we're watching Memoirs of Geisha. Morning he'd to go back camp for meeting, and since he lent his car to his father, he became a handicap. He go anywhere also drive de. Lazy guy. I called others up, knowing that Nelson also wanted to watch, but then when he heard it's 1720hrs at Tiong Bahru Plaza, he gave up the idea. Left me and him go watch. Stupid him really stupid! His meeting ended at 1650hrs and he called me to whine about being handicap without a car and all. Piangz, I was at Tiong Bahru liao lor! I thought of buying the tics first then wait, but then he told me he booked tickets liaoz. Hmm..never say beforehand de, just in case Nel they all wana watch leh? Stupid. LoL.
Anyway, he whined till I pek cek and asked him to call cab. But he's also cute lah, on the cab he message me say call cab very fast reach his camp, blah blah blah. It's like DUH. Can't blame people lah. Somebody don't even know how and where to buy transitlink card, don't even know how to use! *Laffing my ass off* Anyways, by the time he reached, it was around 1745 le. He called me and I was like looking around for him, suddenly saw this guy wearing No. 4, looking tall and smart, and I started melting. Yupz, I like to see guys in number 4, but I'd NEVER seen a guy wear number 4 so...shuai qi before. He looks damn good lor. Damn cute and damn good. I was drooling all the way, staring at him. Seriously, and I'd never, never seen chocolate bars before..and he had like..3? KNS! Paid highly to slack in camp. Haha! He got off today, so he accompanied me watch the show, cause tml I've to leave le.
Anyway, thruout the whole show, he was so darn irritating! Think both of us were. We were laughing when Sayuri accepted the ice cone and fell in love with the guy who bought her that. He was making some comments like " that also can win her heart, so easy one ah" *Then you go buy her also then can chase le lor*, "Why the trees like no leaves, only flowers?" *That's called sakura, aka ying hua*, "Why her contact lens so nice de? Grey color" *It's greyish blue, not grey lah*, "Hey ghose come out dance liao!" *I think so also..haha!*, "What did I miss when I went toilet huh? Why they fighting? How come got fire?" and I proceed to answer all his questions DURING the show. Think people around us were so irritated they wish they could have killed us.
He's a non-ice tea drinker, I'm a non-coke drinker, so he was sweet, he let me put my drink on his cup holder while he put his on the floor cause the guy next to me hogged the whole arm rest. After awhile, he got thirsty and well, you guessed it, took my drink. His whole face changed and I was laughing at him. Great fun.
After the movie, I wanted to go SGH find Erin, to pass her something. Stupid him asked me to accompany him take cab home. Was trying to psycho him to go KTV, and he didn't want to cause he don't have car. KNS!!!! Psycho until went up to his house. DAMN! His house has a bar counter! LoL. He changed clothes and went for badminton session with his pals. I went alone to Outram where I met up with Meng and Erin. Mike came over to MRT and drove us to the KTV.
Sang for a few hours, asked Mike they all to psycho him down. Mike told me that he's a stubborn guy, if he says no means no. But in the end he came down, at 1+am when he got the car. Everyone shifted their seats till we're seating together. ARGH. after KTV, we decided to go eat. I was banned from Mike's car. Banned from James' car also. So took his car down to Joo Chiat and eat. Again I'm seated beside him. Cat couldn't tahan us, and told us to stop flirting for 5min. LoL. After supper, he sent me home, but came up to my house to borrow books. I lent him 2 books cause I'm going away for quite a number of days. With that, I ended the day with a smile..LoL.

31 Jan, his money is mine

Got back today from Msia, went to watch Fun with Dick and Jane with Jiawei and Sue. After that met up with Meng, took our own sweet time till it was 11. Supposed to go to Mike's house tml, but then Nel and Shuen couldn't make it, so changed to tonight. Met up at Macs, then slowly take our own sweet time go over to Mike's house. This week he handicap again cause his car is down. LoL. Heng we all live nearby else he die liaoz. Anyway, went to Mike's house gamble. Lost $10

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