Friday, February 17, 2006

17 Feb 2006, Friday

LoL..just came home not long ago from KTV session with my gang. Drove his car home just now..really cannot make it. Too long never drive manual le..LoL. Sorry!! Stupid car kept dying on me. Piangz!! And he keep telling everyone that I cannot drive. FUCK! I can drive car that is.
Went ktv, then played pool with a few of them, David, Jayven and Sue. Won Sue, David that match I didn't even go in one single ball, Jayven I left 2 balls. Dear was, coz he thought I don't know how to play. LoL. Been playing billard since 16 lehz. Except long time no play le, so abit rusty. I jio Sue this sat go play pool. Really damn long no play pool. Piangz, drank alot just now, total of 3-4 jugs of beer and 3 bottles of vodka. Sue was so worried that she asked me not to pour too much vodka into my drink. Nah..I can't tah beer but stronger alcohol I can coz less gassy. LoL. Shiok!!
Sigh. Tired le..think I go rest..bathe first..coz later in the afternoon dear coming over to help me rub my blue black. Don't know where I got it from also, finish KTV session then got blue black le. Oh yah, before I forget, FUCK YOU BOLTON!! DAMN YOU WHY YOU GO DRAW!! MADE ME LOSE MONEY!! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!! LoL. K lah, nitez!!!

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