Friday, July 21, 2006

21 July 2006, Friday (Drizzling)

Yes it's FRIDAY!!!!!!! 4 more days...couting a romantic dinner with Feng!! I've bought present for him..hope he likes it..cause I think it looks nice, whether it's suitable for him I'm not so sure. LoL.

Tickle Test again
Xueyu, you have great taste when it comes to Food

Whether you love to cook, do takeout, or dine out, it's clear that you've got great taste when it comes time to eat. For a warm and friendly soul like you, a good time involves fabulous food and great people to savor it with.

From knowing the best restaurants in town to picking the most delicious stuff off the menu to preparing a feast at your own home, you know that food is not only an essential ingredient for your body but also for your mind and soul. Sounds scrumptious!

Xueyu, you really know how to focus on Family and Friends
But everyone needs a break — even from things they're great at. You might even find some alone time energizing. Do people ever call you a people person? Well they're right. Family and friends seem to be your number one priority. While some people need a bubble bath to relax, others prefer an hour at the gym, but your quickest and easiest way to rejuvenate is to surround yourself with those who love you.You know that meeting friends for dinner during the week or setting aside extra time to visit with family can really recharge your batteries and make you feel balanced. Just don't forget how healing regular periods of solitude — walks in the park, a little extra effort at work, great books — can be, too.

Career Personality Test
What Type of Person Are You At Work?

Xueyu, your career personality type is ENFJ

That means that based on the standard measure of personality traits, your natural leadership skills make you the go-to person during times of crisis or needed inspiration. You are blessed with the ability to maintain balance in the office or motivate others to join the team. You possess excellent communication and people skills, and help maintain a positive work atmosphere that allows people to grow. You remain focused and encourage others to reach a common goal. You dislike office politics and try not to get involved in the murk. Instead, you rise above it all with your understanding nature. You like taking control of situations and projects, but do not flaunt your power in people's faces. You have a deft touch and inspire others with your magnetic charisma. You are well organized and are a strong multi-tasker.The reason employers and recruiters might be on the lookout for you is that only about 3-5% of the U.S. population shares the unique characteristics of your personality type. Research shows that businesses succeed when employers create a good balance of personality types in the office. And since only 3-5% of the U.S. population shares your type, that means employers are looking for you.
But, to truly show employers what you have to offer, you need to understand a little more about traits that make up your type.

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