Thursday, October 5, 2006

05 October 2006, Thursday

Long time no blog...
Heh heh..don't scold me lah..really no time. Haha..Starated writing at 1051hrs, wrote one sentence nia. Now 1350hrs, my lunch time. Falling asleep soon. Been so busy recently. Just went Malaysia to attend my cousin's wedding last Thursday, came back only on Monday.

My relatives love Feng alot. Who wouldn't? LoL. Now Feng's still in Malaysia, except he's with his cousins. I'm leaving for HK in another 5 days, which is Feng's bday. Nevermind, although I'm leaving on a 11am flight, he's coming to send me off. I have surprises for him up my sleeves as well. I had ordered a D24 durian cake for him, to be delivered to his office and I had bought for him the Samsonite laptop bag he wanted so much. =P

Can't wait to go HK, it will be my first time flying off without my parents. First time go overseas to work!! Can't wait, cause I'm meeting some of my clients at the fair itself. *Giggles* I missed HK! Long time never go le. Anyway gotta go off le. Ciaoz!

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