Thursday, January 4, 2007

04 January 2007, Thursday

Happy New Year!
Yah I know I'm late by 3 days..but it's better late than never ok? It's time to make resolutions for the new year, which obviously I have not gotten around to doing so. Haha. Let's see:

- Be more tolerant
- Be more patient (abit impossible)
- Slim down!!
- Save more money
- Be more appreciative of my guy
- Smoke less
- Enjoy life more

Haha!! Steady right? I was thinkin to myself the other day, FUCK! 1/3 of my life gone. That is if I live to 75. Damn I'm getting old! Time seemed to pass by so fast. In a blink of an eye I'm almost 25. Whoever is buying cake for me this year better don't put 25 candles hor. I will fan lian one ok? Haha! Very fast leh, without noticing, I'd been working in this company for 9mths+. A record man. Me and Feng also together for 9mths+ le, sure we do quarrel more often than ever, but thru the quarrels, we'd become tighter. Maybe it's just me. Don't know how he feels though.

Late Pay = Broke
Piangz, I've yet to receive my pay and my bonus, if there is any that is. Our pay was supposed to be due on 12/29, but up till now haven't receive. OMG. I don't have money le lehz!!!!!! Argh. Those who owe me money de, please return ASAP hor!! I'm really cashless.
Eileen was venting her anger in the office today. And I was called into the conference room, together with my team leader, Xana, to have a "scolding". Damn. My manager must be having PMS again. She had screwed me without finding out what actually happened. Read email must read finish de lehz, cannot read what USA's manager write nia ma! Piangz. Since our HQ manager wrong, how about you give her a call and screw her instead? Kaoz! Nothing to screw le, also try to find fault with me. No fault also must dig out to talk. Crazy. She's clever in a way, deal with us le then Eileen won't give her a black face. Kill one to warn a hundred. Fucking jian.

New project
Shit, just after I finished complaining about my manager, she gave me a major project to deal with. She's finding another supplier, or rather, that's what our HQ wants. Another supplier from XXX company. She had given me the task of being the middle person. To you guys it's nothing. But the new supplier are supplying stuff that our company had not sold before. It's a totally new thing. I have to follow up and if possible, check out the specs and all when I'm free. Wait long long, I rather play game in office than see a whole stack of specs. Crazy. But she told me if this takes off, I'll be the person in charge of handling HQ and XXX company's account. Thanks huh, I know I'm a fast worker, doesn't mean you can overwork me for a measely pay. LoL. I know I'm higher paid than most data entries out there. But then I'll never be satisfied to be in this position with this pay for long. LoL. I wana go travelling de lehz.......PAY RISE PLEASE!! I'm dreaming. Haha....

Can see I'm very bored ba...quite true lehz!

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