Tuesday, December 19, 2006

19 December 2006, Tue

Christmas wish
Christmas will be here in another....6 more days. That's less than a week. *Busy scribbling* Hoped I had been a good girl this year, and Santa will grant me my wishes. My Christmas list this year, very short, cause I'm earning money le, anything I need I can buy...let's take a peek:
1) A more loving and caring boyfriend
2) A boyfriend that is sensitive towards me
3) A nicer boyfriend
4) Kenzo Flower Perfume
5) A black watch I saw at Hub2 (Very unique!!)
6) Givenchy Very Irresistible Perfume
7) A tender boyfriend
8) A more action and words boyfriend

Please Santa...I'd tried to be a good girl this year. Let me be in the good girls list and grant me my wishes. Thank you thank you in advance! =P

I feel alone
I feel sooooo alone. I have a boyfriend, but I seemed like a single female, dragging myself to work everyday. After work go home to an empty house, have my dinner and play my games. Sometimes chatting with friends on msn, but no bf to chat with. I feel so alone and neglected. When I told him what's going on, how I am feeling, he does not seemed to understand. Do I really have to spell it out word for word in his face? I had asked for a cool off period. Really don't feel like talking or seeing him. Tomorrow's my dad's birthday, don't think he'll come.
Alex, if you're seeing this, I'm not being unreasonable. But you had neglected me unknowingly. Maybe I should just hhang out more with my friends. Leave you alone. See how you would like that. Yes it'd been 2 days only, but please lor, there is no sufficient reasons for you to neglect me. You called me, ya...and we talked like <10 mins only each day. If you think I'm boh liaoz, thanks, you really don't understand me nor do you need me. Please think thru whether you really need and love me.

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