Thursday, February 1, 2007

01 February 2007, Thursday

Very sway..very sway
Sigh. Very sway. Woke up today after sleeping for less than 6hours. Felt so tired. Dragged myself to choose my clothes and went to bathe. Wanted to wear a beige skirt, but couldn't find it. Hhmmmzzz..don't remember that I got wear that skirt this week. So I took my pink Esprit long sleeves with pants, but then realise the hook had dropped off. I was too lazy to sew it back so I just grabbed any skirt and match it with the Esprit top. As I went to my room to pick up my mobile phone, I realised I looked weird. Kinda like a school kid, so I went to find a black top. And guess what? The beige skirt I wanted to wear initially was infront of my black top. FUCK. By the time I finished preparing, it was already 08:40. Damn man...haven't apply emu oil yet, haven't had medication yet. CBZ.

Fed my rabbit and left house, realised at work that Auntie Lee had won some money in the lottery yesterday, and had bought us breakfast. DAMN. I wasted $1 on cwee kuey. Argh!

I turned on my PC at work and went to make drinks which it starts up. Guess what? I can't login. Whenever I login, it automatically logs me off. FUCK. I haven't even check my emails yet. I can't even login for God's sake! I tried loggin in using safe mode with networking. VIOLA!! I can check my emails!! I can get into my company's system and start doing work!! So happy!! from customer requesting quote. I clicked on "Print". Error flashed across my screen. "Before you can perform printer-related tasks such as page setup of printing a document, you need to install a printer. Do you want to install a printer now?" *Speechless*

Tried installing printer, and it kept on prompting error messages. *Throws keyboard* FUCK LAH!! *Slams on keyboard and started swearing* @#$%^&* I give up. I seriously, SERIOUSLY give up. Anything I wanted to print, I just send to my collegues and have them print for me. Yes, I'm that pathetic. What to do? Our IT technician is not in the office!!! ARGH!! Sway or not lah! KNN. And it's only like 2 hours into my work. Wonder what more sway things will come my way. CHOY!!! *Touch wood*

Been there done that

My answer was chosen as the best answer in Yahoo! Answers. LoL.

Hey I'd been there done that. I'd been the inconsiderate kid before, just extending my hands to get whatever I want. Remember, I get what I want...well, most of the times that is. But now that I'm earning my own money, I learn the value of money. I wanted to buy K800i. Now I don't want. Well, sure, I do hate the functions on my V3i. But then, it's still usable. I can live with it. No need to spend $250 on something that's gonna last me a year or 2. So, forget it, furthermore my hp is barely 1 year old. And it is, afterall, a birthday gift from my dad. K lah. Don't keep mumbling that I've changed lah. LoL. I'm going to be 25 lehz, piangz. If I heng, I'm a mother lor. Haha. OK, now my dad owes me $250 cause I transferred him the money to buy the phone. Oh daddy!! LoL...that goes out to all who owe me money also hor, better pay be back by CNY else you'll be sway. *Curses* Just kidding. U sway means you don't have money, how to return me? Hope those owe me money HUAT AH! Then can hurry hurry return me money okies? LoL. Looking forward to this Sat...gonna go cycling with Feng if the weather permits, then it's S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G T-I-M-E with Huiling! Kekeke........

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