Tuesday, February 6, 2007

06 February 2007, Tuesday

Very sad..it's too late!
I was walking towards the bus stop yesterday after work and holding on to my handphone. Suddenly it felt light. It felt as though something was missing. I looked at it and saw that Mr Voodoo Man was lost. Yepz. That's my Mr Voodoo Man. If anyone had seen him, please return him to me. His father, Papa Voodoo Man is at home silently cursing whoever is keeping him. Yeah, I have two of the same model, except one is a keychain and one is a handphone accessory. *CRY* *Cursing whoever found it* *Whammy on those who throws Mr Voodoo Man away* *Double whammy on those who steps and kicks my Mr Voodoo Man*

Hmph! I happened to like Mr Voodoo Man. I'm forever showing him off to whoever is or is not willing to listen. I missed him! *Wails* No wonder recently things haven't been going too smoothly in the office. My PC tio virus, making me unable to login. I had been using safe mode for a few days already! I missed him! I guessed the saying is true, that you never learn to appreciate and tend to take people and things for granted, and it's only when you lose it then you realised it's too late cause it's gone. I didn't evern know when I dropped Mr Voodoo Man. This is pathetic. I am pathetic.

Sigh. Ok, I finished whining le. Back to work. *Sniffles*

Insulted or flattered?

Was chatting with Zenn, from upstairs. Oh yah, my boss has 3 companies in Singapore, 2 of which are in the same building, same unit number except different floors. Zenn is our outdoor sales engineer. I'm the indoor sales rep. Anyway he saw me this morning with the new specs but I didn't notice him. And he Skype-ed me.
[9:37:12 AM] Zenn says: yo yo
[9:37:19 AM] Zenn says: saw u tis morning
[9:37:31 AM] Zenn says: wowww... looks diff sia
[9:38:24 AM] Isabelle Bang says: u saw me this morning?
[9:39:49 AM] Zenn says: tot u turn ard and saw me too?
[9:40:36 AM] Isabelle Bang says: huh?
[9:40:38 AM] Isabelle Bang says: where
[9:41:20 AM] Zenn says: in front of the new coffee shop where u cross the road
[9:41:39 AM] Zenn says: I was turning in
[9:42:19 AM] Isabelle Bang says: didn't see u lehz
[9:42:19 AM] Isabelle Bang says: haha
[9:43:14 AM] Zenn says: u kok eye le
[9:43:22 AM] Isabelle Bang says: haha...
[9:43:25 AM] Zenn says: tot change spec , betta visibily
[9:43:27 AM] Isabelle Bang says: i dun notice anything de...
[9:43:33 AM] Zenn says: ....
[9:43:41 AM] Isabelle Bang says: they didn't increase the astig on my new specs what
[9:43:43 AM] Zenn says: ur eye muz be on some guy
[9:43:53 AM] Isabelle Bang says: was thinking of something lah
[9:44:34 AM] Zenn says: astig = shang kuwan ma
[9:44:45 AM] Zenn says: tot u said got increase?
[9:45:06 AM] Zenn says: tinkin of wat... ?
[9:45:19 AM] Zenn says: head can turn but mind not turning
[9:46:20 AM] Isabelle Bang says: thinking where i lost my mr voodoo man.....

Ya, Isabelle Bang is me. You can't expect my collegues to call me by Xueyu. Although they know my chinese name lah, but in this office, everyone is called by their English/Christian names. LoL. Anyway then we started talking abt Mr Voodoo Man. Thought he wanted to buy for me cause he asked me where I bought it. Told him Suntec and he told me to go buy again. KNS. Thought he so nice. Anyway, we got back to our topic after some time..

[10:11:39 AM] Isabelle Bang says: :P
[10:11:46 AM] Isabelle Bang says: oh yah back to the topic
[10:12:04 AM] Isabelle Bang says: u say i look different
[10:12:06 AM] Isabelle Bang says: how different
[10:12:13 AM] Zenn says: betta la
[10:12:19 AM] Isabelle Bang says: lol
[10:12:23 AM] Zenn says: As what ur BF had said lor
[10:12:52 AM] Zenn says: looks more lady like and mature...
[10:13:04 AM] Zenn says: a grown up woman
[10:13:32 AM] Zenn says: esp with ur wear today, u looks maim chiam workin in shenton way
[10:13:41 AM] Zenn says: in Kaki bukit
[10:14:09 AM] Isabelle Bang says: -_-"
[10:14:11 AM] Zenn says: heheee
[10:14:27 AM] Isabelle Bang says: should i feel flattered or insulted?
[10:14:34 AM] Zenn says: flattered , of cos
[10:14:40 AM] Isabelle Bang says: kns
[10:14:45 AM] Zenn says: no pun intended
[10:15:07 AM] Isabelle Bang says: not bad...somebody's english improved....haha
[10:15:13 AM] Zenn says: ....
[10:51:34 AM] Zenn says: with this image, I think u can get more Suitors...
[10:51:49 AM] Isabelle Bang says: yah yah
[10:51:55 AM] Isabelle Bang says: wait long long also dun have
[10:52:04 AM] Zenn says: let me know so I can tell if I am correct...
[10:52:10 AM] Zenn says: u sure?
[10:52:15 AM] Isabelle Bang says: in case u din notice, our building got alot of chio bu

ARGH!! Duno to feel insulted or flattered!!

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