Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Taking a break
I desperately need a break. Ok ok..I know I just came back from one. In case you don't know, well, I guess nobody knows..cause I didn't tell anyone. I took MC from last Wed to last Fri, 14 - 16th. Not cause I needed a break, but cause I was down with fever, sore throat and flu. My average temp from Wed - Sun was 38.5 degrees. Highest ever hit was on Wed night, 39.8 degrees. Sun was more stable, cause whole day highest hit was 38 deg, with lowest being 37.3. Steady? Steady. My brain was almost fried. I slept continuously for 5 days. Wake up to eat bread, vomit bread, eat medicine and back to sleep again. Well the good thing that actually happened after 5 days of being ill is that I slimmed down abit! Haha! When I went back to work on Monday, I was feeling faint and light-headed. Slept too much and under influence of medication. Today Tuesday le, almost a week le, and I've yet to recover 100%. Came back office to find myself bombarded with 109 emails. WTF!! I was only absent for 3 days lehz! Kaoz. Heng now left 20 nia. Haha!
Now very drowsy, want to sleep le. Those few days sleeping at home was shiok. I finally got the rest I needed. But then the bill was like WOW! It costs me $82!! FUCK! No money lah!! Argh...I'm definitely broke. Sad. =(

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