Wednesday, March 21, 2007

21 March 2007, Wednesday

5 more days!!
Heh heh! 5 more days to my birthday! Damn I'm counting down le. Since it's my birthday, I can demand for presents right? Let's see what I need. I don't mind having:
- A puppy
- The Sims 2 Expansion Pack (Seasons)
- A new computer
- A small TV for my room
- Perfume (Kenzo or Gucci Envy - green one)
- Limited edition ANYTHING!
- Watch (Elegant yet ruggard)
- Bag (Something I can sling across when wearing heels)
- Wallet (Something feminine yet not gu niang)
- Contact lens (I seem to have misplaced mine)
- Money (Spent too much on medical fees)
- HP (Although mine still usable but I won't mind a K800i or Dopod OR Blackberry)
- Paid trip to HK or just a cruise will do

List goes on....hahahaha! Actually is I can't think of any at the moment. LoL. Will update later. I go work first. Ciaoz!

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