Wednesday, April 25, 2007

25 April 2007, Wednesday

Hates 25th

I hate 25. I hate this number. I hate that it reminds me I'm 25 and I've nothing accomplished. I hate the fact that it was on March 25th that me and feng got together. I also hate the fact that I'm no longer gonna care or look forward to 25th of every month, especially March 25th. Cause I no longer care. Made a wish on this website,, # 3625. 25 again. Fuck. Life sucks. So does 25.

To Feng:
Hawker needs to suit customer. That's what customer service is about. If hawker don't suit, customer finds another hawker. THAT SIMPLE. Hawker can slowly find somoeone who prefers his food. Customer only has a limited time.

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