Wednesday, May 2, 2007

02 May 2007, Wednesday

Male Vs Female

Was debating with Zenn over Skype just now regarding females and males. We were discussing how females think/react and what the males should do. I come to realise that actually males know what females want. They just don't do it. Guys, you should watch Ch 8, 9pm, Mars vs Venus. Damn nice show. Funny also. There's 5 types of males in this show; Steven Liu (Tay Ping Hui) is the typical think-he-knows-his-wife male who buys electronics for his wife on their wedding anniversary. He's the typical man who thinks that women are fussy and he rather buys something expensive and logical; household appliances. He also reminded me of Feng, and a little of Eggie. Eggie buys something that is ugly but expensive and thought I would like it. HELLO!? Please leh...kaoz. And Feng? He's like Steven Liu lor, never gets the hints his wife drops.
Comes the second guy; William (Pierre Png), the romantic guy who does the right thing at the right time, but is a little xiao nan ren. He listens to his wife in everything. His wife makes the decisions, but not making him look like a xiao nan ren that he is. His wife chooses the place to get married, he complys; she chooses the bed, he agrees. But he is also the type that all women are after. The type that never says no, the type that won't make you angry. The type that will romance you, whisper sweet nothings to you even if you are walking out of a shopping centre or poorly dressed. 你是我呼吸的理由。Piangz...if any guys out there say this to me, I'll melt lor! But I rather melt in the arms of my Feng, even though we're kinda drifting apart recently.
Third guy, Renchun (some old extra), a married man but still flirts around. The guy with 5Cs and thought he could get away with anything. The guy that every young female wana marry, for the wrong reasons of course. He got married to a trophy wife, and still goes around fucking (sorry for my lang) some bitches who can't seem to keep quiet about it. He's also the same kind of guy that their wives are afraid of losing...cause it meant that they would lose their current lifestyle as well; diamonds, high teas at hotels and such.
Fourth guy, Hanns (Cavin Soh), the type that is scared of committment, eternally. He's ok with 1 - 2yrs of committing to the same female, but is afraid of long term: marriage. Reminds you of Kevin doesn't it? Even the surname's the same, name same pronunciation somemore. LoL. He's also the guy that all single women falls for, because he exudes a certain kind of charm, is confident of himself and has sweet mouth. No, he don't dish out compliments as the next guy, but still has a way of making the women feel treasured and wanted. But he's afraid of committing! OMG.
Fifth guy, which isn't shown yet, is the normal guy who's afraid of everything! I think. LoL. I don't know..have yet to see his appearance in the show yet. Damn nice show lor. I believe all males should watch it. It really hit the nail on the head. Like Steven Liu buying gifts for his wife, he was stuck like all males. He complained that females are so ma fan, got so many days need to buy presents. He listed 3, Vday, birthday and anniversary. He forgot one more...CHRISTMAS! Haha! It was really damn funny I can tell u. This show also serves as a reminder to all wives/gf that even though you're married/together for quite sometime, sometimes dressing up and cooking his favourite dish can spice up the relationship. Not too often least he gets bored. Haha! Piangz go watch tonite ok?

University Vs Working experience

Was celebrating Huiling's birthday on Mon. Oh ya...HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUILING!! are old you are old you are old. LoL. I don't care if I'm older but it doesn't beat the fact that you are old! Haha! Ok back to the topic. After most of the people left, me, Liang, Jack and HL was sitting at Istana park discussing whether Uni is a better choice over working experience. Of course, degree can fetch you more money. But thing is, is it a must? 7 of us were having dinner on Friday, out of which Huiling and Sue are already taking a degree. Rest of us, well, the guys actually, are in NS, but both Eugene and Liang had already applied for NTU. Alvin is still deciding which course to take PT (he sign on, boh bian), and I'm gonna apply for Bsc Electronics. Jack asked if it's neccessary in this society. Come to think of it, every 10 friends you have, at least 1 - 2 of them are uni grads or are in uni. No matter what uni. They are getting a degree. It's not a must, but then it's something you can rely on in your later years. As the saying goes, Live to learn, learn to live. Ok..maybe there isn't such saying, or maybe that is. But Chinese it's 活到老学到老。 The world is getting cleverer and cleverer. When I was in poly, I studied Microelectronics (10-6) and by the time I was about to grad, SP (or is it NP) is offering a course in NANO (10-9) technology. With technology advancing everyday, it is actually a good idea to keep up by upgrading ourselves. A deg holder gets at least 2K++/mth, whereas a poly grad is getting 1K++/mth. In 1999, when I was studying IT, I was told my course could fetch a 1.7K at least. By the time 2002, my friends who grad in IT fetched an average of 1.5K. Now? I guess it's even lesser ba.
Jack went for interview recently and all he could get was 1.8K (the higheset he was offered). OMG. But heng that is basic nia. And some females from Telecomms, (don't mention names here, even though they don't come in, but then who knows right?), they are drawing a 1.5K every month. And their results better than mine! Ehh, I'm drawing a pathetic pay of 1750 nia lah hor. But then with a deg, who knows? I might be able to hit the 30K/year.
But then degree is not just taking for the cert. It also increases our knowledge. I was communicating with our Taiwan suppliers about a chip bead that my customer wanted. He had provided the specs, dimensions and such, and wanted to check if my company has it. Our supplier replied me with the wrong dimensions, and thank god I was equipped with the basics taught in TP Eng for handling such things. I actually spotted the mistakes in dimensions and could handle the situation rather well I think. If my boss were to see my email, I guess he would praise me for finding such a small error also. LoL. But I came to realise there's alot of things I had returned to my lecturers. Like what is impedance? How do you calculate it? What's this and what's that? Damn. It's actually for knowledge also lah. Well, bless me that I will be able to enter UN (University of Newcastle). It's an Australia uni based in SG. Hope I get in. The fees are not cheap.
Did I digress? I think today's not the day for writing blog. Didn't keep to my topic. Must be falling asleep. Sigh....

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