Friday, May 25, 2007

25 May 2007, Friday

Sick again

Damn the stupid weather!! OK lah, now nothing much to clear so I come in blog awhile. I realised nobody tagged me! Cause you guys duno how to tag right? Ok, you see the words 'me', 'read', 'speak' and 'exit' right? Click on speak to tag la! Kaoz. *Faint*
Oh ya back to my topic. I'm sick again!! *Sob* And today is the start of Great Singapore Sales!! FUCK! And I've to stay home! Actually wasn't feeling quite good on Tuesday le, then Wed die die go office for half day before going to see company's doctor on Wed afternoon. Piangz..really want my life de lor! Thought it opens at 2pm, so I met Feng at 115 at my office. He was also on MC lah, but gf important so he came out to accompany me to the doctors. We went market to have our lunch, and slowly made our way to the clinis at 2pm. FUCK! When we got there the clinic was closed and Feng saw that it will only reopen at 230pm!! ARGH! By then I really feel like dying liaoz. Very xing ku. My head was throbbing, my body's aching and I couldn't stop sneezing...IN THE HOT AFTERNOON!! Argh. Can see how jialat? Then I complained about the heat and requested that we go Macs and spend the remaining 30min. Feng relented after I whined for 5min. Went there, piangz, stomach was hurting. And stupid Feng kept on playing with my new phone. Oh ya I got a new phone, N73. It's bulky but it's light for its size. It has a 3.2MP camera! Hahahaha...I like.
Ok then we smoked and I rested and kept on complaining about the pain in my head and all, suddenly 230 liaoz. So went back to the clinic. AND THEY STILL AREN'T OPENED! WTF. They finally opened at 235, went in and I was aching like hell. Feng was halping me adjust my bad and guess what? Doctor came in at 3pm. I'm about to die liaoz lor! Stupid doctor. Then went in, I thought I didn't have fever, just flu or what, but doctor measured my temp to be 38. Ok lah, not very high but my whole body is really aching. Xing ku. Then went home, took medicine and fell asleep. By night time I was still sneezing. Took the med and slept early that night.
Thursday went to office, I was a little groggy. Ears are kind of blocked. Still sneezed throughout the whole day. Mom called and asked if I wanted Clarinase. I told her ya. Clarinase is the med for me man! Although expensive, but it works. Shannen then told me that the med Pan Island (my stupid company's doctor) gave does not show the effect until I have taken the whole course. I was like stunned. KAOZ! Dina one take liao after 2 days ok liao lor! If I have to take the whole course to recover, then the doctor have to give me longer mc so I no need so xing ku ma! Dina always give 1 day mc, but her med will ensure the next day not so bad de lehz. Condemn liaoz. If I wasn't abit tight this month, I would definitely go see Dina. Company doc = free mah. Kaoz. Condemn!
So hor, yesterday night, I took the flu tablets from my med box, which are from Dina, and I went to sleep. Feng came over to accompany me watch the 9pm show and only left after I had fallen asleep. He's so sweet!! After what I did to him in the morning. =P
Anyway I'm feeling so much better this morning! So refreshed and...*breathe in, breathe out* I CAN BREATHE! And I stopped sneezing! SHIOK MAN!! I love Dina! does Shuen, Mike, and alot of others! Lalala....I love her med. I like.....but hor I went to eat oranges last night and now I'm coughing. Argh! Today GSS and I can't go out. Sianz. NVM! Stay home watch the 9pm show. LoL.

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