Monday, May 28, 2007

28 May 2007, Monday

Monday Blues

Today really Monday blues. Not forgetting I will only have another 20 days in SG before I fly to *shudder* China for my training. Everyone thinks it's great to fly overseas. Well, it is great to fly overseas for a holiday or short trip, BUT NOT FOR BUSINESS. I'm going over for training. Argh! 3 fucking weeks there. No Vivo City, Orchard, Cabana, DOTA, Tampines Mall / Century Square, Chinatown, Plaza Sing....list goes on....for THREE WEEKS! *Cries* Even though I never showed it out, inside I'm actually afraid of travelling to some unknown place alone. Ok...not really unknown cause I had been there before. OK OK!! I don't like places where I am unable to travel in and out freely! FYI, I'm staying in the hostel lor. You know? Colleagues had told me the tales of horror. It looks like jian yu feng yun, the movie. They queue up with their own plates every breakfast and lunch and dinner, and after meals, the guys usually play basketball or chess. *Gasp* So Jian Yu Feng Yun lor. And heard that the food CMI. Last time I went, I didn't had the chance to eat the food at the canteen. *Thank God* But this time 3 weeks lehz, how to siam? Bring instant noodles eat everyday? Jian Fei sure suceed while I'm there de. Bring bread eat everyday. LoL. Not forgetting toilet paper. Wait not used to the food, everyday LS. Kekekeke...

I intend to buy a laptop over to accompany me during weekends. Weekends where I won't be found at Starbucks or Coffeebean drinking my Caramel/Coffee/Mocha Frappe or my Pure Chocolate. ARGH!!! *Cries* Mom asked me last week if I'm ok with going alone. My tears were welled up, ready to drop liaoz. But I answered her what to do. This is my job. Sad. I will definitely miss Singapore. Miss my parents and my rabbit. Miss Feng. Miss my pals. Miss going out at night to Macs. Miss Singapore's FOOD!! The chicken rice, mee pok, kway chup, char kway tiao....ok ok I know I'm being dramatic. I'm just going for 3 weeks nia right. Come back can eat all I want. But you know hor, when you're having fun, time passes by quickly? But if you don't like it, one day majiam like 1 year. I've alot of mixed feelings about leaving lor. Well, in some ways it's good for my resume. I've more experience. I will learn more things. But why China!! Sob. Look at Adrian! He flew to Japan lor! Kaoz. I also want. And look at Patrick! He flew to France!! Piangz. And where I fly to? China. Hong Kong was so last year. Sob. I don't mind flying to HK alone at all. The morning stops at the local cafe, buying the congee and chee cheong fun. Then stopping at Starbucks every morning for a cup of Hot Chocolate. So nice! Then late night shopping. And supper! The curry fishballs! So nice!! *Craving for HK*

Oh yah as I was saying, everyone thinks flying around the globe is fun. And I'm oh-so-lucky to be flying due to job requirements. Everyone craves for my job. Seriously, when I heard of it I was like wow too! I want to fly, I love to fly. BUT fly to China? Sianz. Never did really like Asia countries, Japan and Korea included. I prefer US, Spain, Europe. I like these kind of places. But no chance. *Sad* Don't think flying is fun, it's actually tiring. Especially when you've to work the next day after you touched down. Jetlag? No such things. Work comes first. Sigh.

Sob. I will be leaving SG on 17th June, morning flight at 825am I think. So I will be there at 6am. Fuck. And it's a Sunday. Meaning Sat can't play till late late liaoz. Don't come send me off. Wait I cry. Now also feel like crying liaoz.

Awesome wedding

Cibao, my poly friend, held her wedding last Sat. Me, Huiling, Sue and Weiliang were invited. So was Feng. Coz my invitation had written Xueyu & partner. LoL. Anyway, me, Sue and Weiliang arranged to go down together. And since my ride isn't here yet, we decided to take a cab down to Harbourfront, where Cibao is holding her dinner. The idea was for Sue to take a cab down from Sengkang, pick me and Feng up at Bedok Reservoir and then go down to Ubi before heading down to Harbourfront. I told Sue 645 must reach Weiliang's house. And she thought 645 leave her home for mine. I almost fainted when I called her at 620 to ask where she was. I wasn't feeling great on Sat. How to with a fever (37.8), flu and a bad cough? I was also developing a slight headache while waiting for Feng to come over. He arrived at 6pm. Sue WOKE UP at 540. So when I called her at 620, she was actually just putting on make up. She left her house at 645. Steady? We arrived near Harbourfront at 720pm. There was a major traffic jam just along the roads of St James and Vivo City. DAMN these people. Don't they know that I'm late for a wedding dinner? The taxi driver was also steady lah. Wanted to drop us at Vivo City. Kaoz. We said Harbourfront lehz. Not Vivo lehz! Heng Sue worked at Alexander, and goes to Harbourfront almost everyday for lunch. She directed the uncle to the Harbourfront taxistand. When the cab turned in, piangz! VERY long jam. I was like dotz. For 5min we sat in the cab, not moving an inch. Really. It was that jialat. So we got out of the cab and walked towards Harbourfront. Goody goody! Meaning I can smoke! Which isn't helping since I have a bad case of cough. But who cares. LoL.
We walked to the Harbourfront and saw that the jam was caused by the lines of cars waiting to go into the carpark. Wow. So many people tonight. Huiling was waiting for us at the lobby and we went up together. We arrived at level 4 and I saw Cibao! She's so pretty!! Meinu meinu meinu!! LoL. Feng saw alot of his air force friends, cause Jeremy, the groom, is in air force. Same squadron with Feng. So hor, Feng knows Jeremy, and I know Cibao. LoL. Cibao really really pretty! Damn forgotten to take pics with her. Alone I mean. Me, Sue, Huiling, Huiling's bf and Feng were placed at table 34. Weiliang was seated at table 35 with Carlos and gf, Edina and bf, Carol and bf. Basically table 35 are all the MIE. *Hey why me at 34 then?* Table 34 all the telecomms. In the end, we asked Weiliang to joined our table cause table 35 are all the couples. Feng left the table and went to chat with his air force friends. I asked for a glass of red wine which was confiscated by Feng when he came back. Me, Huiling and Sue started crapping. It had been a long time since we crapped like this. I really missed my girls.
Although Cibao's wedding wasn't at a hotel; although hers was only at a measely restaurant, hers was a beautiful wedding. She had 45 tables. None of the tables were empty. The food was great! Cold dish was lobster salad (real lobsters, in big chunks!), baby octopus and jelly fish; then came shark's fin (which me, HL and Sue each had 2 helpings); then veggies with BIG mushroom and abalone; steamed prawns (which I had 1, and it was very sweet and fresh); fried chicken (I prefer salt & pepper chicken though); brocolli with scallops (fresh ones! Sweet sweet de); noodles; steam groupa and for dessert, hasima with tang yuan. *Slurp* It was really damn nice.

But the only spoiler was the stupid emcee. The Chinese one that is. Stupid man. His Chinese sucked. I could have been a better emcee lor! Kaoz. 请大家稍微站起来。 新婚要入席了。请大家掌声响起。谢谢大家,请稍微坐下。 Shao wei sit? Meaning sit half, stand half? Kaoz. Really faint. And the slide show wasn't that great. Can't really see Jolin and Jeremy's face. Keke. The xiao lian and xiao beng. 10 years of courtship, 11 years of being together. Fairytale finally come true.

It was truly a beautiful wedding. Hope she will be able to cover back some of the money spent on the wedding. LoL. I gave her $180 for ang pao lehz. Kekeke. She's one of my good friends during poly wor. So jealous of her! Finally got married liaoz. This year marked her 11th year with Jeremy. I wish the best to both of them and may they have kids soon! I wana play with the kids! Wana be the kids' God Mother. LoL. The dinner started at 840pm, and ended at 11pm. Jacky and Jack called me to meet up, but since I was feeling lousy, I decided to go home. Feng also decided to go home cause after spending the night with me on Friday, he was feeling abit of feverish also. =P

My ride's coming!

YEAH!! My car will be arriving tomorrow! Or rather it already arrived but my dad chose tomorrow to pick it up. Yeah!! My Honda Civic!! My new baby!! My little silver....kekeke. Can't wait to test drive it tomorrow night. 1.8L wor!! Nice nice!! Thursday and drive out! Yay! At least I get to drive the car BEFORE I fly to China. That's something worth looking forward to. Tuesday hurry come.......hey peeps, next time see 7412 on road you better siam! Another dangerous driver coming your way............

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