Tuesday, June 5, 2007

05 June 2007, Tuesday

Damn boh liao
I'm damn boh liao. I'm actually watching the show Shopaholic staring Zhang Bai Chi, Liu Qing Yun and Chen Xiao Chun. Was watching TV in the hall just now and was thinking that I should try out the internet that Thomas fixed up for me yesterday. Damn cool lor! Haha...but damn boh liao also. Nice nice show, very funny! Hahahaha...shou bu liaoz. Anyway just write for fun nia. Cause damn boh liaoz. Haha!

So far hor, only a few people dared to take the quiz. Sad lehz. Shannen said that my quiz too difficult. Of coz lah! The quiz is to see how many of my friends that claimed to be my friends know me and to what extent. Many complained to me on msn that they realised they do not know me that well. But then did they bothered to come understand me? I don't think it's that difficult right? I mean...Huiling got 100%, Shannen and Thomas both got 90%..it's not that difficult afterall what. Thomas chats with me once a month, sometimes go out not even once a month. And he got 90%. He's really my jiemei man! *Hugz Thomas*

Ok..think I go concentrate on my show liaoz. Ciaoz...

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