Sunday, June 24, 2007

24 June 32007, Sunday

Countdown of 7.5hrs

In 7.5hrs later, I'll be in the airplane, settling down and missing Singapore. The feelings get stronger. The sianz-ness, sadness and loads more. When you guys are sleeping at 8am tomorrow, I'll be looking out of SQ804's tiny window. That is if I get to sit at the window seat instead of the isle. *Pray hard* Easier to sleep if I were sitting inside. LoL.

Anyway going to fly liaoz. You guys must take care of yourself. Anything important call my hp. Something you wana tell me but need no reply from me, sms me. I'm bringing 2 HP over. One with my manager's China SIM card, which I will not disclose, cause I don't want my manager to kill me when she sees the bill; and another is my own lor. Feng was helping me go through the contents of my luggage. He made a joke about me going to a war instead of work.

Let's see, I bought 12 tees and 3 jeans (including the one I'm wearing later on), 1 pants (just in case really need to meet client), 1 pair of slippers (am wearing my Adidas over), 6 pairs of socks, 2 bottles of Evian, 2 packets of Maggi mini Curry noodles x 8, biscuits (Famous Amos lor! I'm not a cheapo..keke) and goodness knows what for my China colleagues, 1 towel, 1 face towel, loads of charger (for Nokia hp, Motorola hp, camera, laptop), and instant Milo x 14 packets (just nice everyday 1 pack), ehh...oh yah, 5 pairs of shorts to wear to sleep, 1 ¾ pants or paddle pusher...can't remember got what le. I did remember bringing umbrella, my toiletries, Xue Hua Gao and LOADS AND LOADS of medication. You guys know de lah, my immune system very low, scared eat a little thing I get stomachache. So just in case, brought alot of med over. I don't want to be on drip over there. NO WAY!

Poor Feng is at my house and I've to wake up like 4hrs+ later. Think I go China hostel sleep whole of Sunday liaoz. Sigh. *Hugz everyone tight* I'll try see if I can use Roger's(China engineer aka my kor) internet after working hours. During working hours see if I'm so lucky can stay in the office or not ba. OK I've to go sleep. Damn tired. Everything packed le. I guess. LoL. Ciaoz all. Pray hard for me. See you guys in 2 weeks! My return flight is SQ803 on 07/07 at around 5+pm. I'll definitely socialise when I come back cause I'll miss Singapore because there's you guys! Love you guys.

Feng...I'll miss you. Promise me you won't go find other charbor. Miss me everyday ok? *hugz + kiss* Stop looking over my shoulders to read this lah..kaoz.

CIAOZ!! Over and out.

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