Sunday, June 24, 2007

24th June 2007, Sunday

Flight SQ804

Flight was at 815am, meaning I was to reach airport at 6am. Feng decided to hug me to sleep last night and accompany to the airport with me. My alarm went off at 5am, and as usual, lack of sleep made me cranky. I was so half hearted on waking up and hoped I can actually postpone the flight so I could sleep later. In the end I woke up and went to my mom’s room and slept till 530. Keke. After bathing, woke up Feng and threw in those last minute stuff lying around. Final check and we were off. We left the house at 6am, and reached the airport at around 620am. I queued up with my ever-so-big luggage and my laptop and my Fila bag. Yupz, the very same Fila bag that A209 had bought for my 25th birthday. Anyway my bag was so heavy, me and Feng were guessing how heavy it was. He guessed it to be 16KGS, I guessed it to be 18KGS. I won. I was nearer to the exact weight of 26KGS. Scary hor? I asked for a window seat, so I am able to look out of the window for a last glimpse of Singapore. I took some pictures before leaving. Will upload once available.

I checked in at 6+am, had breakfast at Macs and I went in at 715am. I was fighting my tears all these while. I didn’t hug anyone goodbye. It’s just 2 weeks, I keep telling myself. After checking in, I totally forgot about being alone. I was surrounded by DFS shops. Charles & Keith, bookshops, Watsons, Chanel…As you guys know, first shop I went into was DFS to buy myself ciggies. WOW! So many! LoL. In the end I bought Marlboro Menthol light. There were 2 versions, the normal carton at $18 for 10packs or the prettier one @ $24 for 10packs. Naturally I chose the $24. LoL. Couldn’t resist. I slowly made my way to E20, my gate for the checks. Piangz, nowadays airport more and more stringent le lor. I actually had to take off the jacket that I was wearing and even my laptop was not spared. All laptops must be removed from their casing & placed in the tray given. When I was queuing, I saw a few China guys drinking the water from their bottle. Those kind of bottle where we used to bring to class in primary school. The ones with pop-out straw when you turn it, and exterior was cartoons. Anyway, I got onto the plane and was assigned 34K. A window seat. So I started taking photos. My “neighbour” for the trip was a uncle who looked like Kevin’s dad. Only that he didn’t look as fierce . Didn’t chat with him though. Maybe he thought I was a China Chinese. LoL. Tears started I looked out of the window. I received a message from Feng saying he will miss me and asked me to take care of myself when I’m over in China. My dear, I am absolutely going to do that cause I want to return to Singapore alive. Gelare when I come back ok?

When the airplane finally took off at 845am, it flew over my house. Although I roughly know where my neighbourhood is, I am unable to pinpoint the exact location of my block. I could see Bedok Reservoir though. Those who know me should know that I love airplane food. But today, I was rather full. I had a Sausage McMuffin meal for breakfast at 6+am. Telling me to eat at 9+am was like asking a sponge full of water to suck up more water. Anyway, they had 2 choices. Chicken with fried rice and sausage with potato and mushroom. I chose the sausage. It was a bad idea. Only 1 sausage, 1 ¾-cooked hash brown, 3 mushroom (those canned button mushroom), baked beans and some fruits and bread. I took half the bread, ate my mushroom, hash brown and sausage. Oh yah, I had red wine to help me sleep better. In the end, I wound up watching Wild Hogs and Bridge to Terabithia. I did fell asleep in the middle somewhere, and when I woke up, I was kind of bursting in my bladders. But my “neighbour” sleeping. Boh bian, had to wake him up and I was never so relieved to sit in the toilet and just release all the stupid liquids. When I went back, it was my “neighbour’s” turn. He went to the toilet and I was screening thru the shows available. Suddenly I saw 200 Pounds Beauty. DAMN! Why didn’t see it just now? Argh! It was already halfway thru, but then I’m on SQ. I am able to rewind the show. Haha! Finish rewind liaoz, watched about 10min, we were going to land soon. So I started playing games instead as the stewardess had collected the earphones le. Played Pokemon Silver and we landed.

Welcome to Guangdong

I had reached safely! And seriously, I was inwardly proud of myself to have gone through all these ALONE. I guess this trip really showed me that I am able to do all these alone. I checked myself out and it was almost 1pm. Roger came to pick me up. Together with our company’s driver, Ah Qin and another guy from Trigger (Trigger shares the same factory as us, but the factory is ours, they just “use” the premises nia) called Ou Jia Chun. LoL. Initially, when Roger wanted to carry my bag onto our company’s car, this guy came along and did the job. Rather pity him. This guy was little deformed yet he carried my 26KGS bag onto the vehicle. His left arm, I noticed, was deformed. As in really deformed. His left hand was crooked and was like a kid’s hand. Whereas his right hand was normal. He asked for tips and I asked Roger if I should give. Roger said no. I went up the car and closed the door in that man’s face. Of course after saying thank you lah. But I still feel abit bad. *Prays for forgiveness*

They brought me to a restaurant to eat. Damn…we reached the restaurant like around 2pm. They ordered roast goose, wild mushrooms, hotplate beef and veggies. As well as 2 bottles of beer. I liked the wild mushroom. Very nice. Not available in Singapore. Should have taken a picture of it. Lunch was great, but I didn’t eat rice. Was still rather full from the 2 breakfasts I had. Jiachun let me try his ciggies. It was not bad. LoL. Went back to hostel after lunch. It was already 315pm. Poor Roger kor had to carry my luggage upstairs. Oh, my room’s on the 3rd level. LoL. Roger was cursing and swearing after the 2nd level. And tadah! I’m in Guangdong, Zhongtang Town.

The room’s not bad, with aircon and 2 beds. I sleep in one and my luggage sleeps in another. I met the new Engineer, Wangli. Cute girl. I unpacked most of my stuff and realized most of it were food. Mom packed 4 slices of raisin bread and a packet of Oreo’s in the bag without my notice. Not forgetting I still have other food. I was so damn shagged out I didn’t bathe and just lay on my bed playing my game. Before I knew it, eyes were closing. Someone came barging into the room just now, cause she didn’t know I was here. I should have locked my room door. Couldn’t see who it was, wasn’t wearing my specs. Roger called my China number and I told him I’m skipping dinner. I’m really damn damn tired. I woke up at 7+, went to take a bath and was debating whether to eat my maggi mee or the digestive biscuit with chocolate. I chose the biscuit. Ate 2 pieces and started playing game. But feeling tired lehz. Duno why. Now 1045pm liaoz, wrote for almost an hour le. I still miss Feng although he called about 20min ago. Wonder how much my phone bill will be when I get back. Hmmz…I go brush teeth and sleep le. I’m getting tingling feelings along my lips again. Hope there won’t be another cold sore coming up. *Crosses fingers*

Hey to make me feel better hor, leave a comment for me to see okies? Wow..1407 words. Damn I’m naggy. K lah, me go koonz le. Tomorrow long day. And now, I’m counting down to my freedom. 14 days to go. 1hr+ more and it’s 13 days. I’ll soon be back in SG! Missed you guys. Good night from China!

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