Tuesday, June 26, 2007

25th June 2007, Monday

1st Day of Training

I woke up at 7+ this morning, and was shocked to find that the sun was shining brightly into my room. I thought I had overslept and that nobody woke me up. I looked at my hp and realized it was only 745am. Scared-ed me.I thought it was 9+. So I went back to sleep and woke up at 815am, same as back in Singapore. I took a cold shower (believe me, the weather is damn hot at 8am) and slowly smoked in the toilet. Shh….don’t tell my manager. Kekeke…Smoked in my room’s toilet. Then I called Roger and checked if he had left for office yet. He hadn’t. So I went to 2nd level and waited for him, carrying my bag and my laptop and all those goodies.

He looked for breakfast and as usual, I skipped my breakfast. Went to office and really, although the office is like less than 100 steps away from my hostel, I was already starting to perspire. Roger took the list of things I had to learn and started showing me around. We covered the topic of production flow today. Went to the powder room (where we mix our raw materials) and went to the production room, where there are machines to press the parts out and sent to the furnace. It was damn hot but interesting.

By 10+ am, we finished the first topic. Actually I told him to stop for today, else there’s nothing to learn tomorrow. We went back to the office and I was never so glad to stand infront of the aircon. Seriously damn hot. I was perspiring like hell after 30min walking around the production room. God knows how the workers tahan over there. Temperature was 36 degrees today but those females in the hostel, like Wanru, Baohua and Wangli all agreed today’s temp might be up to 37 degrees, even at night. So you can imagine I sweat like a pig.

Today was OK. Not as bad as I thought. Lunch was a takeaway from some place. I ordered beef tenderloin noodles. Realised that China people do not have the habit of eating noodles with spoon. It wasn’t that bad. Quite nice actually. Then form lunch till 545pm, I was surfing the net. The internet here is damn slow. Loading one page takes up to 2 – 3 minutes. I couldn’t surf blogs. But I did managed to upload last night’s blog online. And go to WLNY and leave some comments. And friendster. I even went to Starhub’s web sms and left some messages for Feng. He went out with his secondary school frens today cause one of them broke up with her bf. Feng went out in the morning to help her move out of her bf’s house. Hoped she’s alright. I kinda like this group of friends of his. Nice people.

Anyway, 530 came and Roger asked me if I wanted to try the canteen food. We went to have a look at the food. Well…as my SG colleagues described, JIAN YU FENG YUN. Rice was in one big pot, so you take your tray and scoop the rice yourself, then you walk pass the veggies and someone will dish it onto your tray. We didn’t have our dinner there. We went out to have la mian. It was quite nice actually. Again no spoon. Roger ate one big bowl and I ordered the same but mine was a small bowl. Total cost: RMB7. Damn cheap. No wonder Feng liked China. We then went to the supermarket and bought some canned drinks. Roger bought bread for his breakfast. Which reminds me, I can eat my raisin bread for breakfast tomorrow le. We went to buy ice cream for dessert, but I threw mine away after eating 3 spoonsful. Sorry kor. Really should have listened to you. The ice cream sucked. Yucks! It tastes like frozen sugared water with white coloring. Yucks.

We walked back to the office to pick up my laptop. All 4 of us (the office only sits 4 engineers, LoL..Wangli, Baohua, Roger and me) left for the hostel. I went back to nua and was told that there will be somebody sharing my room with me tomorrow. The secretary of the boss of Trigger. Sianz. No more smoking in the toilet liaoz. *Sad* Tonight I did something. After bathing (oh and I vomited, don’t know why and it’s la mian), I went out to the common room and watched TV with Wangli. We were later joined by Wanru and 3 of us were drying our hair. Then we started chatting and Baohua came back from her dinner and joined us. I guess it isn’t so boring afterall at night without internet when you have people to accompany you.

Think I’m not feeling too well today. My right shoulder blade was aching this whole day, maybe yesterday didn’t sleep properly. And I had a headache which after eating Anarex (a stronger type of paracetamol) is not helping. And I vomited my dinner. Even when I burp still can taste the xiang cai that was sprinkled all over my noodles. It must be the ice lemon tea I drank just now. Argh. Vomited all the lemon tea out. Mind you, it’s canned de. I’m damn weak. Think my cold sore coming up again. Tingling lips for the whole day. KILL ME PLEASE! Sianz. I’m craving for my chocolate digestive biscuit. Maybe tomorrow. LoL.And stupid Feng, I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT THE TISSUE PAPER. NEXT TIME, if there IS a next time, better don’t stop me from buying ANYTHING that I think I need. I AM NOT YOU. I DO NOT USE TOILET PAPER TO WIPD MY MOUTH AFTER A MEAL. I DO NOT USE TOILET PAPER TO DRY MY FACE IN THE OFFICE AFTER WASHING. IDIOTZ. But I still love you. Missing you and my parents every free time I have. LoL. Can’t wait to lie on my own bed with my 3 pillows and my own comp with 24hrs available internet. I miss my Texas 5 Ice Menthol. The Marlboro Menthol Light from DFS not nice de. Eeeeks! LoL.

So Many Breakups

There are so many breakups recently. Kevin broke up with Geraldine last Friday, and Feng’s friends, Runhua and Paul broke up this morning. Ruilin msn-ed me in the afternoon telling me that her guy broke up with her. So many breakups. Is it the weather that’s making all guys unable to tahan the females? Or is this the period for breakups?
Kevin, don’t give up on Geraldine. If you really loved her, that’s all it matters. As I said, that’s also the reason why my bf haven’t dumped me. Things need to work out. You don’t run away from a failed relationship. You work towards a better relationship. Mike once told me, breakup was never an option. It is also not the way out. It’s just an end to a relationship as well as friendship. Same goes to all people out there. If you treasure and love your partner, you’ll want to work things out. Me and Feng just keeps trying, even though at times it’s kinda tiring to be quarreling everyday. But then, I believe the day will come when we will work out our differences and that’s the day our happiness will start. But by giving up, I might be giving up this happiness. I cannot confirm that the happiness will be there in the future, but at least I dd worked towards it. So if it really failed, at least I know I had tried.

*Yawn* Tired man. Tomorrow another day. Whether or not you’re unhappy, world still spins, time still pass. A few weeks ago Feng broke up with me. Nobody at work knew about it except Shannen. Shannen said I was steady cause I acted as if nothing had happened. What had happened between me and Feng as nothing to do with my job, job is job. I can’t bring my feelings to work. I still can kid and laugh with my colleagues though. Either I’m really successful with coping with my feelings or I am a damn great actress. K lah, me going to bed soon. Stupid headache won’t go away. Really xin ku…ciaoz! Remember to miss me ya?

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