Wednesday, June 27, 2007

26th June 2007, Tuesday

Oh Boring Day

Today I almost couldn’t wake up on time. Cause yesterday night, me and the other 3 females from the same level (hostel lv 3) decided that we wana play MJ. So we opened the table and started playing. We played for 2hrs and finally ended around 12+ midnight. We didn’t gamble cause all of us are noobs at MJ. Their MJ is so different from ours. Initially when we pile up the tiles, the zhuang jia the dui jiao is supposed to have 19 sets and the other 2 is supposed to have 18 sets. Well, here, everyone gets 18 sets. The rules are the same though. Just that they use 2 die only. Singapore sometimes we use 3. Anyway slept late yesterday. Wanru told me that I’ll have a roommate today. She is Lisa from Trigger, Taiwan. Since level 3 has only 1 empty room left, that will be used by Lisa’s boss, and Lisa shall sleep with me. So I actually had to get up at 8am today to clear all the mess I created in the room. Which wasn’t much. Seriously.

Anyway, I woke up at 815am and went to shit and smoke. Last day that I can smoke in the toilet until Lisa leaves. I bathed and heard someone knocking on my door. It was Baohua. I told her I’m bathing and she said that she’s going office le. I was like huh? Hurry came out and checked the clock. It was already 840am. SHIT! I hurriedly dragged my suitcase off the other bed, kept all my bras in the luggage and tried to tidy up as much as possible. And I’m still not fully awake. Kekeke. Feeling abit hungry, cause I vomited out the dinner last night, I brought the raisin bread my mom had packed without my knowledge to the office to munch. Whole day zuo boh. Cause Roger seemed so busy and I didn’t want to bother him. I sat quietly and finished all my presentation slides. Actually supposed to be a report to my manager on what I had learnt, but then put in Microsoft Words very sianz, put in Excel lagi funny. So I made a presentation slide. It wasn’t that bad. I had captured most of the important points.

Lunch came and went. I didn’t have lunch today. Cause Roger was nowhere to be found during lunch time, and I thought I was joining him for lunch. But when he came back, he had already eaten. I made up an excuse saying I wasn’t too hungry since I ate 3 slices of bread in the morning. Baohua and Wangli kept asking me if I want to eat. Paiseh to bother them, so I said it’s ok. Was feeling abit famished around 3+, and I dug out my Oreo’s, which I had brought along to snack on. I took 2 pieces. Feeling not right. My lips felt tight, and dry and itchy. Sianz. My cold sore coming back. Wonder why. Didn’t eat seafood, nor did I eat any fried or oily food. Argh! Kept drinking plain water. By 4+pm, I was so bored with surfing the net and downloading songs. And my tummy was grumbling too. I really missed Char Kway Tiao. Stupid dad emailed me asking me if there’s any char kway tiao over here. Idiotz. NO LAH! Kaoz. At 5pm, Roger went missing. Beforehand, I suggest going to eat the porridge that Auntie Lily recommended. Thought I was going with Roger and Baohua. In the end, Wangli finished her dinner and was surfing net liaoz, Roger and Baohua were missing. 6pm, Baohua came back. I asked her if she wants to go have dinner, she told me no. I was like I din say it out though. So I messaged Roger lor, but then Roger had his dinner earlier on. I was like diaoz.

I went back to the hostel at 630 with Roger, but I didn’t go back to my room. Seriously, I’m so tired and shagged and hungry and sad. I just don’t feel like entertaining Trigger’s staff. I stayed at level 2, watching cartoon (stupid cartoon…LoL) and feeling funny about my lips. Think they are starting to swell le. After awhile, I went up cause I’m hungry and I just wana go bathe and sleep the night away, so I won’t be hungry. But I saw Wanru and Lisa. She’s rather pretty lehz, that Lisa. They asked if I had any dinner, and seriously, I feel like crying. I’m hungry! And nobody seemed to care. Sigh. But as usual, put up a brave front, say I’m more of tired than hungry. And to my horror, they followed me into the room and started chatting. Lisa’s from Taiwan. She’s nice. Her bf looks cute too! We chatted until 830pm, and I went to bathe. Looked into the mirror and found out that my lips are really swollen. Hope the swelling will go down and that the cold sore won’t appear. I need antibiotics for my cold sore de. Damn.

For dinner, I made myself 2 mini curry maggi mee. The mini one. That you put in a cup and put hot water and VOILA! Instant noodles. I had 2 of it. And now kinda full. It’s going to rain soon le. I hear thunder. Tonight Lisa gonna sleep with me. I’m gonna have a roommate! It’s not like sleeping with Sue or Huiling..cause Lisa’s someone I hardly know. LoL. Nice. Duno where she went to though…just now went out to make noodles only saw her boss. Hmmz..think she go kia kia or something. Me tired….*yawn*

Humans are Fan Jian

Don’t you think so? When someone treats you very nice, you will NEVER EVER appreciate that person until he or she is gone. I know cause I’m like that. I don’t know how much Alex means to me or how nice he was to me until he wanted to leave me. Yeah, now we’re cool. LoL.

Anyway what sparked me to write this is that Bryan and I had almost quarreled because of his beau. Someone whom isn’t his gf yet. I feel that this female is just trying to toy with him and treating him like a spare tyre. And funny thing is he still wana wait for her, and can’t seem to forget her. She treats him like FUCK.

Another example, Kevin Su. LoL. Don’t kill me ah. Kevin’s gf, well, can’t say really treat him like fuck lah, but she treats him worse than I treat him. Minus the quarrels. She don’t really call him, majiam like tou tou mo mo, but silly Kevin is willing to give her chance after chance after chance….to prove herself.

And another example. My secondary school friend. He didn’t treasure his gf. So when the gf broke up with him and treats him not as nice as before, did he then start to stick to her. He told me he didn’t realize things before. Now that he had lost her once, he’s determined to make her his again. And he’s never letting go. When together don’t wana treat her nice, when ppl don’t treat you as nice as before then you happily wana treasure? *Faint*

These concluded the theory lor. See. You treat someone like KNS, that someone definitely stick to you. Humans are fan jian. Really. You open your eyes around you. Who knows, you might be like that too. Fan jian. Kekeke. Recently I became a consultant liaoz. Just consoled Ruilin yesterday and teaching her things. Although I’m not apt to teach or preach, but I had been there done that. See me and Feng recently very nice. (Cause you in China ma) Wei, in China or not hor, we still do talk over msn and phone de lehz. He finally did try to sms me once in awhile. He even sms-ed me yesterday that he misses me. First time since a very long time ago. He’s learning. I’m learning. We’re both learning. My lecturer, Sally Chua from ITAS, once told me: You think you know your partner. But it’s actually after marriage then you start to learn more about your partner. You can never stop learning new things about your partner. According to her, she is still learning about her partner after 20years of marriage. Sigh. Something for you guys to think about. Me wana go brush teeth and sleep liaoz. Shit should have bought another storybook at the airport. I’m halfway done with mine. ARGH! Ciaoz lah…brush teeth time! Nitez

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