Monday, June 4, 2007

New lappie!
This is my new laptop. I bought it at the PC Show on Saturday. Wanted to find the guy who served me on Thursday, but he on MC. So Jerome, you very kelianz..haha! No commission to earn from me! Anyway found another guy, approached him and told him which model I want. He was so shocked! Think this first time got anyone just walk up instead of browsing thru. LoL. So happy! But then now my bank is 2398 short. I bought the Microsoft Office 2007 also for $99! Cheap hor? LoL. The stupid guy at the redemption counter see me no up. Thought I buying the "STAR BUY", which is much much cheaper with more freebies. But the star buy doesn't come with extended warranty. Mine does. He was very arrogant when we asked about the extended warranty. He said that the warranty is between the seller, Renova, and me. Nothing to do with Compaq. I was like huh?! Although I'm blur, doesn't mean I stupid lehz!
Weifeng then asked him why V3508TU does not have extended warranty when the guy selling the comp says it has. Only then the stupid arrogance fade away. He made a mistake. He thought my laptop was V3500. DUH! Then I wanted to purchase the Office 2007, but they only accept cash only. Between me and Feng, we only have 90. Still short of 9 bucks. So we went to withdraw the money before coming back to pay for the Microsoft office. We then went for a smoke and wait for my dad to come pick me up. Feng went to his friend's housewarming. Weird hor, housewarming at night de.
Anyway, dad picked me up and my parents and I went to Jalan Besar for dinner. We ordered fried oysters, soy chicken noodles, chicken's feet, dumpling soup, bor bor cha cha for dad and ice jelly for me. Really ate until very full. The fried oysters ok nia. Not crunchy, very soft but the oysters damn fresh. And alot lor!! We then went home and I started playing with my lappie. When I opened the Microsoft Office box, I was stunned lor! THERE IS NO CD INSIDE! WTF! I was conned? Nah...inside the CD box is a code. I have a 60-days trial in my lappie, so I key in the code and I can use liaoz. I was like -_-". Feng came over at around 11+ and promptly fell asleep on my bed while I battled AOE out on my desktop.

New car

Will update the pics later on. Been learning how to drive and park this baby. LoL. It's damn big. And I had already spent quite a sum of money on it buying boh liao things. LoL. Be back with pics!

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