Monday, July 9, 2007

09th July 2007, Monday

Arriving in SG

Yeah! I'm back in Singapore! Reached Singapore at 5pm last Sat. By the time I finished buying my stuff at DFS, and got my bag, it was already 545pm. Mom and Dad came to pick me up. Was never so happy to see them. Since my plane touched down rather early, we went to put my luggage in the car first, before proceeding to Sakae Sushi for dinner. Ate alot! LoL. Thanks Feng for your card. Total bill was $72. At least eat until happy.

Then went home, I started unpacking my bag. Called Feng to tell him that I had reached home. Went out shortly after to meet up with Thomas to pass him the pressie I bought for him. First time he sat in my car. LoL. Long time no catch up with jiemei le. Kinda missed him. Then went home and rest. Damn shagged out. I missed my bed too! *Hugz my rabbit* She slimmed down! Idiotic father, must be never feed my rabbit. Nvm, I'm back! LoL.

Back at Work

Damn busy today lor! Was called for a short meeting with Shannen and Sharon by my manager. She gave me a deadline to finish my trip report. This Friday. Piangz. Then my manager informed me that one of our contract customers, Flextronics Malaysia, is coming to Singapore. She wants me to go have a chat with them. She made a comment, saying that she wants me and Sharon to go. And that it doesn't matter if Sharon cannot make it, but I MUST be there. I was like...err...WTH. Thought Sharon is her pet? Hmmz. Anyway, she did mentioned that Shannen will be going with me the next time I drop by Foxconn. LoL. Shannen so happy lor! Haha. So am I. I love meeting customers. Don't like staying in office. I love travelling. May be travelling to Hong Kong and Malaysia the next time. LoL. Travelling means company give me allowance...which means more money! Haha!

Time passed by very fast today. And hor I got to know some news regarding one of my colleague - cum - neighbour - cum - friend! LoL. So happy for her!! Kekeke....hey "boyfriend", you better take good care of my girlfriend!! Else your car gets it. Just kidding. Hope they will be forever in love and happiness follow them! So sweet....ok gotta go back work. Still got so many things to do. 30+ emails! ARGH!

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