Saturday, July 7, 2007

07th July 2007, Saturday

Goodbye Baiyun International Airport & Guangzhou

Here I am at Baiyun International Airport. Oh I want to take this chance to say congratulations to Baoyu and Meixia! Both of them are ROM-ing today. 2 different people lah. Both females. LoL. So Xin Fu. When my turn? Keke. Ok ok, back to my story. Apparently the route was short. I thought it would take 2 hrs to reach, but it only took Ah Qin (our company’s driver), 1hr to reach. Therefore, I am too early. I reached the airport at 1030am, when my flight is at 130pm. LoL. 3 fucking long hours for me to spend alone. Roger and Wangli came to send me off. As a parting gift, I gave each of them $2 SGD, the plastic one that is. Because they had never seen money that are plastic. I’m at one of the café in the airport. Oak Tree. Looks cozy but still too cheena. Exterior very westernized, but then menu very Chinese lor. There are many internet connections that I can connect to, but don’t dare. They don’t have free internet connection like in Singapore. I miss Singapore. I’ll be home in a few hours! Haha. First stop, DFS. Gotta buy red wine for my mom, perfume for my dad and me. Should I buy perfume for Feng? He’s not coming to pick me up at the airport today, cause he’s in Malaysia now. Yupz now. He left at 10pm yesterday to attend his cousin’s wedding on Sunday.

It’s only 1052 now lehz, I’ve already checked in. I’ve ordered my cappuccino. It looks kinda pretty. Seriously I would appreciate if someone could speak to me in English. These 2 weeks I’ve spoken more Chinese than I would in a month. Faint. LoL. I have not eaten my breakfast yet lehz. Hungry. But food at Oak Tree doesn’t look appetizing to me. I crave for the lunch on board the SQ. Haha. I’m so evil. Maybe later 1210pm go toilet, then go smoke. But then I don’t have lighter! My lighter is in my suitcase. After the last incident at Baiyun IA, I grew smart. Last October when me and Sharon was here, we actually believed everything the staff told us to do. They told me and Sharon that our bags have to be tied up. We went ahead and tied everything. And it was ugly lor. And it wasn’t free. And we had to pay, only to realize that we actually NEED NOT tie up our bags. And then..I had a lighter in my pocket. When I pass through the metal detector, the alarm went off. They did a search on me (female officer la) and found that it was my lighter. WTH. LoL. So this time no lighter. Maybe buy one then throw it away. Provided I can find a shop that actually sells lighter ONLY.

Oh yah guess what! My bag is lighter!! I came here it was 26KGS, now it’s only 21KGS!! LoL. I brought back 15 watches . 5 male and 10 female watches for Auntie Lily. It’s our company’s watch. Singapore don’t have stock le. Therefore without these watches maybe my luggage only 20KGS! Within the given limit! Hahaha. I’m just trying to console myself for bringing such heavy bag to China for a 2 weeks stay. I threw all my food away, either that or give it away. Even the biscuits from Marks & Spencer that I said I would bring home. And my 2 bottles of Evian. LoL. And my Milo. Haha. Oh and I’m smoking in the café itself. I asked for a lighter from the waiter. Haha. Kekekeke….I didn’t smoke this morning cause there wasn’t water in the whole factory. Well tell you that later. LoL.

Anywa, it’s only 1106, I still have about 1hr to nua. Sianz. My dad called and asked me to go buy books and read. I told him there’s no English storybooks available here. Nevertheless, I walked around the airport just now looking for a bookshop. AND THERE IS NONE. Argh. And I have re-read my storybook at least ONCE. And it’s in my luggage bag, which most prob is on the way to the cart liaoz. Stupid waiter keep walking by me and keep peeking at my laptop. Faint. I’m NOT using internet lah! Kaoz. Nua-ing time.

Water Shortage

This is the MOST memorable event here man. Last night, or rather evening, I went to the office toilet. There was no water coming from the tap. I did what most Singaporeans would do. I washed my hands on the water cooler. LoL. Don’t worry lah, NOBODY uses that water cooler. Haha. I thought office no water nia. Went back to the hostel ad packed my bag, then I went to the toilet. The water was slow flowing, so thought it was normal. Wet my hair, applied ALL the remaining shampoo onto my hair. That’s like…hmmz..maybe 3 – 4 50 cents coin surface. THAT’S A LOT. LoL. Then when I wanted to wash my hair off the soap, there is no water!! ARGH! What would you do man. Stuck in the toilet, with soap on your hair and shoulders were covered with soap suds. Well, I took another cigarette and sat on the toilet bowl and started smoking. Waiting for that stupid water to resume. I on all my taps. STILL NO WATER! I waited in the toilet for 30 minutes, and heard a lot of screams coming from the guys (Roger, Jiachun) and opposite block. All claimed that there was no water. So I bun up my hair, wiped the soap suds off my body using toilet paper (very lang bei lor) and got dressed to go out and use the drinking water. I filled my Evian bottle with drinking water from the water dispenser and asked Wangli if she had bathed. She told me she finished liaoz. @#$%^&

Wanru came out and asked if had finished bathing. I told her my hair is half done. And THANK GOD! She has the habit of keeping water! She gave me 2 pails, both half filled. One with hot water and another with cold water. She’s my life savior man. I hurriedly went back and bathe with whatever resources I had. And I am clean. Seriously clean lah. Really wana kill myself liaoz. So lang bei lor! And so paiseh. And this adds on to my list of “Never Go China Reasons”. Haha. Oh did I tell you they have Disney Channel over here? And my favourite shows like “Suite Life of Zack & Cody”, “That’s So Raven”, “Hannah Montana” etc are in Chinese? LoL. Jokes are no longer funny in Chinese though. Ok back to the topic.

After I finished bathing, Wanru told me this happens often, but not often enough. When the weather is very, very hot, they cut all water supplies. Wow. Thanks lehz. And I thought only Singapore, would have water rationing and water shortage. I’m thankful to be a Singaporean. Really. *Kisses Singapore* I have anything I want, our technology is so much more advanced and our internet is so much faster than theirs. Load one stupid page on Wholivenearyou takes me 5min. When I go Yahoo! to check email and reply, the typing is so laggy until whatever word I type, I can’t type as fast as usual. I need to use Yi Zhi Shen Gong. If I type at my usual speed of 60wpm, the internet can’t refresh that fast. *Sianz* Wanru also said that water might resume maybe at 2 or 3am in the morning. *Excited finally got water to use*

ALAS! Morning came. STILL NO WATER. Woke up at 810am this morning to do final packing. I went outside to take the drinking water and the remaining water in the pail. I have to bathe before I go out. It’s a habit. I washed myself with these water and continued to pack. Then I realized I can’t flush my toilet. *Really faint* So I took my Evian bottle and filled it half with drinking water. Flushed abit. Therefore didn’t smoke this morning. LoL. Really jialat lehz. LoL. Next time, if there really still is a next time, I would store my water at night. Else wait no water again, I’ll cry. Stop laughing and pity me can. I’m a spoiled and pampered Singaporean who had never experienced this before. Eh maybe I had in my primary school days, when they were fixing the water compartment above my flat. LoL. Sigh. 1125am nia. Still got 35min for me to nua. K lah, don’t write liaoz. See you guys in Singapore okies! Singapore here I come!! *Desiring for chicky rice and my mom’s cooking*

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