Saturday, July 14, 2007

14th July 2007, Saturday

Yum yum...seafood!

When I was in China, Feng promised to bing me to eat seafood. When I go back, Yongjin promised to treat me eat as well. But before YJ can jio me to Xiao Hong Lou as promised, Feng's friend intended to celebrate his 27th birthday at Jumbo! LoL. So Feng brought me to eat seafood, courtesy of his friend, Zhangguang. Thank you and Happy Birthday! Anyway before we met up with his friends, we went Tampines for a movie. We watched Transformer. AND IT WAS GREAT! I was so tired but I was so attracted to the movie that I kind of forgot my tiredness. Really great. Initially when I saw those soldiers running away, I thought to myself, why must there be wars? Tears almost flowed down. I see people dying, felt their fear, felt the desperation to be alive so they can go back to their loved ones. Yes, I saw all these in Transformer. It kept running in my mind. No matter who is in the wrong, who started the war, why can't those people just stop it instead of initiating a war? Like Iraq and USA. Yes yes, Iraq is wrong, they had the Al Quede (duno correct spelling or not), or whatever, but does that give a reason to the USA to start the war? Nobody wants to die, whether it's for country or whatever. Life is precious. The soldiers need to go to the war, because it's their duty. If given a choice, would they have wanted the war? How many innocent lives are sacrificed (no I'm not talking about soldiers..I'm talking abt civilians who accidentally got into the way of the bullets and stuff) and how many people are left homeless. How many people didn't get to see their sons or daughters, or how many kids never did get to know their father who lost his life in the battlefield. I really pray hard that there will be world peace. Not cause it's bimbotic to say so...or the right thing to say, but it's rather saddening lor. Put yourself in those situation. Sad.

Anyway, Transformer brought back many memories when I was still a kid and watching Transformer and playing with my own Prime. Yes yes, I used to have a red truck that could turn into a robot. But I didn't quite remember their names though. After watching this show, I kind of remembered my own toy. Must be damn expensive then. Cause when you turn it into the robot, it looks exactliy like Prime from the movie. But too bad my dad threw my Transformer away. Oh, and I fell in love with Bumble Bee. Maybe kinda reminds me of how I wana be. Fun, kiddish, yet dependable. Sigh. LoL. And he's cute de lor. I like Bumble Bee. Keke. After the show, met up with Victor kor and Doreen Sao. They went Tampines shopping. And they brought their daughter, Davina! The 'D' family. Victor kor's other name is David. Haha. Feng and I took turns carrying Davina. Think I didn't carry her in a comfortable position, cause she frowned and started wailing. When Feng carried her, she almost fell asleep. She looked so comfortable in his arms. Cute Davina. LoL.

At 630pm, we left for East Coast. Reached there around 7pm, including finding a parking lot. Met 3 of his friends at the carpark. But being tired, I became hostile. Didn't talk to anyone. Reached the restaurant, but then Zhanguang had already ordered. So they started chit chatting while I stared into blank space. Feng tried to entertain me. Food arrived and I began smiling. Crabs!!! Big Head!! Prawns!! Fish!! LoL. Feng let me eat crab somemore lehz! Shiok man. Then this coming Fri YJ will be treating me to Xiao Hong Lou. *Slurp* Anyway the ice was broken when they were deciding where to go after the dinner. David suggested wake boarding. The cable one at East Coast. Mayble asked who don't know how to swim and think she didn't hear or something, cause Weifeng said I didn't know how to swim. She made a remark to aim at Feng de, but then since Feng knows how to swim, they all said she was aiming at me. That was when we all started laughing and all. So started joking liao lor. That doesn't mean I'm not tired. Then Mayble asked if I wanted to go KTV, but then birthday boy don't want. So in the end went for Dota session with them at Katong. Won 3 matches, lost 2. LoL. It was fun. Cause one of the round I got to use one of my fav char, Shadow Sharmen! LoL. Or Rasta, whichever name you are used to. LoL. Went home around 3am, and Feng stayed overnight. That sums up my Sat. LoL. I'm lame.

Friday 13th..My Lucky Day

Whoever claimed that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day, obviously did not spend it like the way I did. I did my trip report the previous night and finished at about 2am. First thing in the morning, I went to print my report and passed it to my manager. She had to to out and brought the report with her. She came back at about 11+ and told me that the report was great. LoL. So funny. It was a 3hr+ work nia. And she said it was great? LoL. Anything lor. Then Auntie Lily gave me the tickets to Jacky Chueng, which we bought 4 months ago. LoL. Going to see Jacky Chueng tonight!! YEAH!! And I'd finally remembered to bring home the pear and mango from Taiwan, given by our agent in Taiwan when I was away. Whole week forgot to bring home. Finally remembered today. My boss even helped me wrap it up. So sweet! LoL.

Oh yah, then at 440pm, I reminded Auntie Lily to get prepared to leave at 6pm on the dot. She had this habit of working overtime. LoL. But hor, sway sway I was called into the conference room at 5pm by my manager. But hor, she gave me a good news! Every year July, is the month our company raise our pay. Recently I thought I would get about 100 at the most. But my manager said after reading my report, she decided to raise my pay by 300! WOW! I've only worked for 1 year and 4 months, but I'm getting a 2050! Faint lehz! Ehh...this doesn't mean you guys can leech on me and ask me pay when I go out. Haha. I've to save up for future use. What future use hor..those that know me will understand lah. Haha. *Shy*

My manager talked to me for 55min, and I'm flying again. Either in August or in Sept, this time to Taiwan to meet up with our supplier. I'm thinking of asking Shannen to go, but then I go there to learn more about their things, then she go will she feel bored? Hmmz, I try hinting to my manager first. I'm tired of travelling alone. Ya I know I only travelled alone once, but it's enough. If got Shanne, I will not be so lonely lor! Then can go out and find food at night, go shopping...haha...shiok! Sigh...see how lah, don't wish to fly yet. Mom and dad suggest that I fly in August, I was thinking of flying in end Sept. See how ba. And I've to give a presentation to one of our contract customers on Monday. Die...LoL. Wait I stutter too much how? Sigh.

The Jacky Cheung's concert WAS GREAT! It's not worth the $130 I paid. It's worth at least $200! His voice is great, dancing is powerful, jokes are funny and all! And it started at around 830pm, but ended at 12am! SHIOk. Jacky Ho, my classmate, must be damn rich. He bought tickets to 2 different days! He just called and told me that tonight's concert had more songs than on Friday. He really power lor. Go 2 shows. Rich guy. But seriously, Jacky Chueng's word, "ZHAN!" Haha. After that, left for Grandlink for Dota and YJ was so sweet! He waited till I reached, played one game before going back home. His gf was waiting for him at his house, cause he was sick that day. Yet he still come out to meet us lor! And after playing one round of Dota, he left. Main motive is to meet me. So sweet!! Duno how true, but then it's still sweet. Keke. We played till 3+ am, had breakfast at Tenaga then Nelson sent me and Feng home. By time I slept, it was 6am on Sat liaoz. Therefore hor, very tired on Sat lor. Anyway, me wana go sleep liao lahz..night night! Have a great weekend too! And I hoped...your Friday 13th isn't that bad. ^_^

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