Tuesday, July 17, 2007

17 July 2007, Tuesday

What's Wrong?

Sigh. Stupid internet was down yesterday around 1030am. Therefore I was left with loads of email (which I had been procrastinating since last week) and I couldn't get into the server to do those work that I had printed out. Sucks man! Then I started getting ready for the meeting with Flextronics later in the afternoon. I was supposed to give a presentation in the afternoon at Flextronics. Sharon is finally warming up again. Recently she was so cold towards me, ever since I came back from China trip. Maybe I"m too sensitive or what, but could feel that she's very cold towards me *Shrugs* Auntie Lily and etc asked me what I feel like doing for the company gathering. I suggested going overseas to HK. =P Everyone agreed, and I made another suggestion to go cruise. If HK failed, at least there's cruise. *Prays hard*

Anyway went out at 130pm, the internet still not up. Fucked up. Went Flextronics, I went to change the pass for all of us. Stupid guard does not understand what I mean. I got say things until that chim meh? Finally, he gave up and gave me 3 passes. Me, my manager and Sharon went into the building, asked the receptionist and went up to 7th floor. GUESS WHAT! We couldn't find Jason, the guy who we were meeting. In the end went down to ground floor again and asked the receptionist. She told us to have a seat, she'll go find him cause his office is on the first level. -_-" Faint. He came out, I expected someone that is a little tootz or nerdy or something. But this guy looks kinda cute! Quite young lor. At most 29 or 30 only. Rosy cheeks, long eye lashes..and he slangs his English. Not very Malaysian. He told my manager that he used to study in the US. WOW! Aiyah, he didn't want to hear my presentation, and I felt as if I was invisible there. My manager was doing the talking, but then he kept glancing at Sharon. Tsk tsk. I feel SO transparent. Didn't chat long, and we were on our way back to the office by 3pm. My manager and I were teasing Sharon about Jason, cause he kept stealing glances at her, and Sharon just kept quiet, as usual. Then my manager told me she will send Sharon and me to Taiwan. Initially it's me alone, but since Jason's required parts are all from Taiwan, manager wants Sharon to go see see look look. There goes Shannen's dream. Shannen wanted to fly with me on my next trip. Sigh.

We reached office and SHIT! The internet is up. No more slacking. Started working and I asked Sharon when she wants to go Taiwan. She replied saying she dun want to go, and asked me to bring Shannen. I was waiting for her to say this, but then think Shannen took it the wrong way. She thought she's the back up. Sigh. And she got kind of pissed and we exchanged a few words. Wasn't very happy at the attitude she gave me. Kaoz. I'm not manager leh, if I am I will definitely bring Shannen along. More things to chat also. But I'm not the one making decision what. Think Shannen also know I'm a little pissed and kept apologizing to me. I asked for some time alone, and I quarreled with Feng over MSN. Piangz, 2 things add up hor, not pek cek also pek cek le. So I chose to stay behind and do a little OT. Shannen went home alone, and she looked dejected when she said bye to me. By the time I actually knocked off, I cooled off abit liaoz. Went Macs with Feng to have dinner, and messaged Shannen that I'm ok le. Told her to smile more. Everything's cool between us now. LoL. *Hugz Shannen*

Me and Feng stayed at the Macs and I asked him alot of technical questions. I mean, since he's looking for technical positions, and I had been to these interviews before, so I asked him a few questions to get him a little prepared. Sadly he can't answer a single question correctly. Asked him to draw the schematic diagram of a transistor, he drew a diode. Can't blame also. He's from Mecha, I'm from MicroElectronics. We study more indepth that he did. And funny thing is, Mecha's schematic diagram all got circle over their electronics. Like a diode, got circle de. The top drawing is mine and the bottom is his. Funny right. I guess both also acceptable ba. But I had never seen a diode with a circle, nor a transistor with circle, nor a capacitor....you get my idea. LoL. Stupid Shuen messaged me, asking to meet for TCS (Talk Cock Session) later at 1030pm. Feng was like @#$%^, if had known later come Macs, wouldn't have come now. So Feng sent me home while he went home to rest.

Adrenaline Pumping

Met up with Shuen, Feng, YJ and Ver. Pathetic. Only 5 of us. I got lost track of the time cause I was at home playing games on my lappie. Suddenly realised it was 1030. Left house at 1040. Ops. Haha! Went there and talked cock. Was joined by Danny at 1145. Then Shuen suggested we go test drive my car. Since it's i-VTEC, should be great. 4 of us were driving that night. Danny wanted to test the Vtec, Shuen wanted to test my car's speed and YJ wanted to hear the vroom vroom. In the end, I relented. Stupid Feng wanted to try also. Faint. So we, (Danny in Sunny, YJ in modified Vios and Shuen in MR S) with Danny leading the way, drove to the highway leading from Ubi to Tampines. You know that bridge? First, we drove towards Tampines, to scout for any police cars or TP. There were none. When driving towards Tampines, I was driving at 90+ km/hr. LoL. So were they lah. Then we did a U-turn near TP, and stopped near the beginning of the bridge. Danny will go first towards the finishing line and check that everything's ok. YJ was lined up infront of me and Shuen was behind me. YJ will take 3rd lane, me 2nd and Shuen 1st. YJ signalled for a start and after counting down, we were off. By the time I reached my 2nd lane, Shuen was already ahead of me. YJ was still slightly infront of me. It had been a long time since I drove this fast. My meter showed a 125km/hr. But I was the last. Even at 125km/hr, I was creating a distance from the Vios. He was faster than me. FUCK. OK...I had no guts. Somewhere along the middle of the bridge I let go of my accelerator. But it was shiok. Really shiok. Stupid Shuen must be driving at 150 or 160. CBZ. MR S lehz! And the stupid Vios is a manual, so is the MR S. FUCK!! LoL. I'm auto car lehz. Rematch! Haha!

At the end point, 4 of us stopped. And all of them came running to my car and asked if I had turned on my i-Vtec. I said I did, cause I did hear the sound a little while. But they didn't. Argh! Then we parted. But at Tenaga, YJ and Shuen still pek me to on my Vtec. IDIOTZ! Another day ba okies! LoL. You guys really got me hooked. Keke. Sent Feng home and went home myself. Was thinking I should improve my skills first, before I race with them again. They're like pros lor! Shuen always go racing with his car buddies along expressways and all. As for YJ, braking is not in his option. LoL. But damn fun night. And guess what? YJ treating us to Xiao Hong Lou tonight! Tonight eating seafood again! Yippee!! Thanks! *Starving myself now so can eat more tonight!* K lah, gotta work! Ciaoz!

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