Thursday, July 26, 2007

26th July 2007, Thursday

Wonderful 25th

Yesterday marked our 1 year and 4 months together. We had been through alot of shits, damn...the shits he had received from me is like....WOW! I remembered he asked me why I am single, 1 year + back. I told him cause I want to stay single, the right guy hasn't come alone and that only stupid ones will be with me, cause the clever ones had already dumped me. Guess he's still my silly guy. Still can tahan my temper and all. And believe me, when I give him shit, I REALLY DO give him shit. LoL. Poor Feng. *Sayang*

Anyway, yesterday I went home and mom treated me to dinner. She tabao zi cha back and we ate. Feng called at 745pm, telling me that he just reached home and will be having dinner first. In the end, I picked him up at around 830. Need to pump petrol and buy my breakfast, so we went Esso along Still Road to buy my breakfast (Delifrance's Chicken Mayo! My fav!) and my parents' as well. Next, went to Katong Shell to pump petrol. Started squabbling but ended in awhile. Stupid car! Pump full tank about $60 and that's after discount lor! I was slightly less than 1/4 tank full lah. We bought our drinks and we were headed for East Coast. Then he suggested Airport, so we took ECP to airport. 3/4 way there, I exited to Tanah Merah. Kekeke...brought him to the runway instead. We parked at one of the exits and talked for a moment. No stars yesterday. Spoil mood. Supposed to head for home de, but we went past Changi Village and he suggested going to Loyang Tua Pek Gong, since I had been wanting to go eversince Feb. So he directed me and we drove in! The old one lah. They moving on 3rd of August, don't know if it's lunar calendar or what. First time I see him bai bai. He don't have to habit of going temple to burn joss sticks and pray. But yesterday he did. With me. =P

By the time bai bai finish, close to 1040 liaoz. Passed by Tampines and decided to call Xiujun. My red wine left at her place for a very, very long time le. Hmmz..Xiujun, the red wine still can drink no worries. Shelf life is 3 years. Keke! After taking the red wine, headed home le lor. It's like 11+ liao lehz. Drove him home and went home. Mom helped me apply med again while I was watching Miami Ink on SCV. Maple-ed awhile with Feng and went to koonz. Not really romantic...I don't know. So many feelings, mixed ones...just running around....tsk tsk tsk. Don't think so much lah hor? Just live one day by one day lor. See we live one day by one day also pass 1yr 4 mths liaoz. LoL. Dear dear, thanks for everything okies? Jiayou!

Bad Temper

Recently I had been rather bad tempered. I had no idea why, but the slightest thing can just spark me off. Even when my dad makes a stupid remark, or when my mom commented something about me, or when poor Feng was trying to send his message across, I get pissed off. But funny thing is I'm more endearing towards my friends. I wonder what the hell is wrong with me. Poor Feng really had to put up with me. Stop nodding your head and smiling that evil laugh lah, stupid Feng. Stupid Mr Fish. Sigh. This is just a nonsensical entry cause I've run out of things to type. Or rather I have nothing on my sick brain right now. Having flu lah...sianz

Taiwanese collector serves up rock hard banquet

I saw this online the Yahoo! News and decided to share with you guys. Banquet In Stone can be misleading wor. LoL. I'm like so...wanna go! LoL. Dear, this Sat we go okies? I quote from the news
"But try biting into these delectable platters prepared by Taiwan's Hsu Chun-I and you could chip a tooth as they are made of cold, hard stones.
"A Banquet In Stone," Hsu's visual feast of 52 rare and expensive dishes assembled from stones and minerals, is on show at the National Museum of Singapore until August 12. It is the collection's first showing outside Taiwan.
On the menu, valued at more than 650,000 US dollars, are stone exhibits which bear an uncanny resemblance to a mixture of Eastern and Western dishes, from Yangzhou fried rice and a variety of dim sum to caviar.
The stones used to create the banquet are neither cut, tampered with nor dyed, said Hsu, 60, a retired engineer. He only selects stones that bear an extremely close resemblance to the dishes."

Read more about it here at It's really interesting lor! Haha.

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