Wednesday, July 25, 2007

25th July 2007, Wednesday

Knee Pain, Migraine...what else?

Yesterday woke up with a bad headache. Couldn't think properly. So I snoozed for a little while more. Thought it was 815 by the time I can actually make my brain function a little. But it was already 820. By the time I located my phone and send messages to my colleagues, it was another 5min. And my stupid phone was just next to me all these while. Recently keep having headache. Decided to go see doc. After informing Auntie Lily and Shannen, I plonk back to sleep and messaged Feng before drifting to sleep. He called. Bloody hell. Was trying to sleep lehz! So I woke up and dragged myself to the sofa. Rested awhile and finally went to see Dr Dina. Michelle aka Parrot, the receptionist, quit her job. Sianz. Was feeling so cold when I went down, so I don my jacket and Dina was like "Seet Yee you feeling very cold ah?" DUH. Was shivering while waiting for my turn lehz. Cannot make it. She told me that I might be under stress (Hmmz...what stress?) or due to my cough and flu or whatever. Also did ask her about my knee. She told me not to climb up and down, which includes stairs. Meaning I've to cross the TRAFFIC LIGHTS wherever I go. Sianz. Brain wasn't working again cause I asked her if I returned her the number tag, when that was the first thing I did. Sigh.

Waited for the long! And stupid Feng made me angry. He made a remark saying that I chao geng cause I wanted to rest, and not because I'm sick. Faint lehz! When I'm sick I got see doctor de lehz! It's those follow ups that I don't wana go. STUPID IDIOTZ! Argh! Not funny. Anyway went market to buy breakfast, cause medicine have to eat AFTER food. Bought my cai tao kway and was tempted by the tikam tikam of Maple Story characters. Spent $8 on it. Went home and nua-ed. Then remembered that I have to ask Shannen help me with something. So login-ed and tell her. Then I rested. Feng called and asked what I wana eat, cause he had a lunch date with Eling jie, YJ, Verlyn and Nel @ Old Kallang Airport. Told him anything. He came with Nelson around 12+pm. 3 of us watched Happily Never After. Was about to snooze off le lor. Too boring. But it was a good attempt on the joke part though. Like the part where 7 dwarfs used diamonds as bullets. LoL. L-A-M-E. Near evening time, about 4+ 5pm, Nel brought me out for Gelare ice cream @ Siglap. I told him that I'm not supposed to go out. But he insisted fresh air (and ice cream) will do me good. We asked YJ to join us. And we started crapping all the way until 530, cause YJ gotta go pick Verlyn up at Eunos MRT. Nel sent me home and mom was home early. Didn't dare tell mom that I was on MC, so I told her I took time off. I plonk myself on the sofa and slept all the way until 915pm, then went to bathe.

Mom helped me apply "zhen gu zhui" on my knee. And after sleeping 3 hrs on the sofa, my knee felt like it was breaking. SERIOUSLY. Just feel like chopping it off, once and for all. Played Maple for awhile, quarreled with Feng (our daily routine) then went to sleep. Damn tired after eating the med. And now come back office, my manager, as usual, asked how am I, blah blah blah...then added some remarks behind. Saying she can't trust me if I can't be there. Blah blah blah. Oh please...headaches caused by the things you gave me lehz. Faint lor. Maybe I should just faint inside the office one day, maybe then she'll notice that I'm actually weak? That I can't handle so many stuff? Crap lah. Can't wait for 6pm to come. I need to go home, teh on my bed and sleep. Maybe Maple awhile. LoL. I'm ow 45% liaoz, 55% away from leveling to 58 and 100K away from 34mil. Haha! I'm a rich kid in the game. Kekeke. Go back work liao lah. NOT! *Haha*

Nice Story

Got this from Lici's blog. Found it nice, so decided to share with you guys. Edited a few of the English lah, but basically the story is still there. Edited it on Monday, but stupid died on me. So this is the SECOND time I'm editing it. Enjoy. Oh, learn something from it too!

There was once a guy named Johnny in the village of Untiki and is very popular among the females. Like most tribal villages, the people are rated by the number of cows they owned and females are exchanged for cows. The more cows you have, the richer you are and the more cows you are exchanged for, the prettier you are.

One day, Johnny decided to get married, since he had reached the marriagable age. He wanted to marry the 'Ugly One' of the village, Mahana. The villagers mocked, and constantly reminded him that he could get anyone he wants. But he insisted on choosing Mahana. As Mahana is the 'Ugly One', the neighbours dropped comments like “1 cow is more than enough” and "She isn't worth any cows at all". The day came for the negotiation, and curious villagers followed Johnny to Mahana's home. On the way, the married females started comparing among themselves, saying how much they were worth. Things like “I'm a 4 cows wife” and "I'm definitely worth more than the Ugly One" were commonly heard. Mahana’s father asked for 3 cows from Johnny after hearing all these comments.

Johhny exclaimed “3 cows?! That’s alot. But that is not enough for the exchange of Mahana! I’ll give u 8 cows.” The whole village with shocked, because even the prettiest female was only worth a 7 cows. Johnny wanted to make a gold mirror for Mahana and had it ordered from the Mirror Maker. The following night, they held their wedding. The villagers were pin pointing at her, sniggering and laughing behind their back. Mahana was devested.

Johnny brought Mahana out of the island for honeymoon. A few months later, they came back and the shop owner (aka Mirror Maker) delivered the mirror Johnny had ordered to their place. Johnny called Mahana out of her room to see her mirror. When Mahana walked out of the room to thank the owner, the owner was shocked. He couldn't believe that was Mahana. She had become very pretty. So he asked Johnny what happened.

Johnny told him, "The reason I exchanged her for 8 cows, is not to show off how rich I am, but it is to let ppl know how much she worth. Throughout our honeymoon, they went to different villages and had met new people, people who had never seen them before. Mahana was able to present herself in a new way and build up the confidence over the time. Therefore, she is able to shine now. In the past, people thought that she is ugly, and she took their judgement as what she really was. When she met new people outside, she began to see herself in a different way, because people outside the village didnt see her as the Ugly One."

As all story ends, the villagers got guilty and treated Mahana in a new way. (So superficial and shallow) And they lived happily ever after.

Moral of story? Don’t let others’ words bring u down. Don't see yourself as what they judged you. Believe in yourself. Cause if you believe you can, you can. With confidence, people will forget you are ugly or short or fat, but instead they will be in awe. I know because I do that sometimes. If I feel lousy about myself, people will start commenting I'm fat and ugly. But when I portray confidence, think confidently, I can fool anyone. Really anyone. Jiayou ba!

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