Thursday, August 2, 2007

02 August 2007, Thursday

Who do you look like?

Ain't this cool? I look like the movie star! Hmmz..When I was younger, mama always say that I looked like Maggie Chueng. How come don't have Maggie inside lehz?

THIS. IS. SO. DISGUSTING. I look like Fiona Xie?! WTF!!!!! I rather look like a dog! ARGH! *Woof woof arf arf* Hahaha...Ok lah, flatter myself. LoL. Degrade her man! If only I got so pretty lehz. KNS.


I just applied for UniSim. Finally the e-application is opened. Just paid $30+ for the application. I don't know if this is a wise choice, but I do know that I want to study Electronics. Got mixed feelings. Want to get in and don't want to get in. I mean..if I got in, can I take the stress? It's no longer poly le. Most of the things I've to do it independently. Anyway, get in then say la hor? I did mentioned to my parents before, that if I cannot cope with the stress, I will just quit my current job (no matter how high the pay) and just give all my attention to the studies. Maybe...teach tuition again? At least it's money lah.

Very funny thing is, from the word, e-application, you would think that everything is done online and that's it. NO LOR! This is what I quote from the UniSIM website:
"All educational certificates, result transcripts and identification documents (eg. NRIC) must be certified by SIM University. Please bring your original documents and photocopies for verification at SIM University, 461 Clementi Road, Student Recruitment Department, Level 2 within 14 days of this eApplication. Educational certificates and transcripts may also be certified true copies by the awarding institutions (eg. Polytechnic)."
AND from my acknowledgement form:
"Please submit the following documents within 14 days of this eApplication. All educational certificates, result transcripts and identification documents (eg. NRIC) MUST be certified by SIM University (UniSIM).
Your application would only be processed once all your documents are received."

Faint. Then I might as well just go down face to face and complete everything? Why still got e-application? Stupid. Think take leave next Friday (LONG WEEKEND! YEAH!) to go finish up everything. Sianz. Should I take half day or full day? Hmmz....anyone wana study together with me? Impossible Huiling accompany me, cause she's in NTU full time, Sue? Lagi impossible..she studying logistics part time. Jack? He like not interested in UniSIM lehz. Jacky? He say no money. Sigh. Nobody accompany study. Feng...well, he got more important stuff to worry about than studies. Sianz ah!! We shall see how the application goes. LoL. *Prays hard*

Top Sales

*Ptui* lah. Haha! Was looking through our monthly report. Ok, for month of July, I was a little bit slack. Not so much order entries or quotations. So I flipped to the first page, and saw for month of Jan, I topped the sales in the company. As in total amount generated lah. Meaning, add the total amount for all entries. Either that or the total amount shipped for month of Jan. Well I topped. Wasn't doing that great in May, was actually the second last, or in nicer way, third. Hello my company only got 4 coordinators at that time lor. Then I scanned through and saw the total amount from Jan - Jul, and I topped it again. I brought in USD$940K+ for the company. That's like almost what...1mil USD lor!! Second was like 800+K? Or was it 700+K? Can't be bothered. LoL. Yeah!! I'm a top sales coordinator. Ownself say one lah. Haha. I'm totally happy right now, even with my stupid headache.

Seeing this hor, now I'm happy and proud to say that my pay is justified. Kekeke. I no longer will feel guilty about having high pay and feel that I'm overpaid. LoL. Manager told me yesterday, that I will be the one to set my own pay. Because the things I can do are wide. I can do engineering work for her, do sales, do purchasing...rather wide. If I can perform, she'll continue to increase my pay. Hope so lor. If I DO get in UniSIM, I need all the money I can to pay for my school fees. Not forgetting that my dad wants to retire next year. Sianz. Anyway, JIAYOU!! LoL. Do not look down on me anymore...don't see me no up. Little fry can also grow big and one day become big fry de. Don't always see me no study, always playing a fool and never serious, that's cause you had never seen me at work before. =X Ok ok...I do play a fool at work sometimes, but when it comes down to work, I'm serious de. Believe me! =] Believe me that I can do it and I will. Trust me.

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