Monday, August 6, 2007

06 August 2007, Monday

Happy 3rd year Anniversary?

I was checking my yahoo mail just now and I saw this email header "First Anniversary Reminder for Saturday August 11th". I was like huh? What anniversary? Then I realised. CHEY! It's the anniversary of me and Kevin being together. I read on and saw this:

1) It is your 3rd anniversary on Saturday August 11th. Congratulations from everyone at

2) Send your loved one an anniversary eCard; just click on the link below: "

So funny hor? We broke up like 1 yr plus le lehz, almost 2. Still send this kind of anniversary thing over? Guess that time I didn't delete it off ba. I went to change the date of the anniversary to 03/25/06 once I saw this. If this reminder was sent say...1yr+ ago I would cry or wail or anything, but now? Oh please...looking back I was thinking why I chose him. It's like that isn't it? When you looked back, you'll think why the hell have you chosen him/her. The current one is so much better. LoL. So if Geraldine is reading this, PLEASE..I'M NOT INTERESTED IN KEVIN. LoL. That feels so much better.

I mean, ya he's my friend and I'm not being a bitter person who got dumped or anything. I mean, I'm no longer his gf. If I can tell the truth to Feng about going out with Kevin, why not him? And seriously, no need to be so sarcastic about my car. Yah my car is worth nothing as compared to your E240, but then it is still my car. Show some respect. If it's ugly, keep the comment to yourself. I like my car. And seriously, if your friend wana say that I've slimmed down alot, LET HER BE. No need to add remarks like no, I'm not slim or anything. I like being flattered. Don't you? And do not think that just because we had a very colourful life then, I would want it again. Answer is NO. And if you wana end the friendship after reading this, by all means go ahead. Cause I'd lived for 1 yr + without you as a friend. When I'm down I called you for a chat, you either hang up on me or pass the phone to your friends. THANKS. But this is something I can live without. Just because you can't whine to others doesn't mean you can whine to me. I'm just being courteous. Can you get the idea that I'm NOT INTERESTED? So stop telling me that I'm tempted to meet up with you for a smoke or anything. If I am, I would rather go find my bf. At least he has nice things to say about me and I do not need to travel 15 - 20 min just for a smoke. I only need to drive for 5min and I can see my bf. Furthermore he will provide me with free ciggies. So stop delusioning yourself that I'm still attracted to you. If I was given a chance to start all over with you, I won't take it. NOPEZ! I would rather take my chances with cockroaches. LoL. Or injections. You may attract other females but not me. What is past is past. Let it be. I know you love Geraldine alot, so stop asking females out, be it me or Ros. She wouldn't like it. I know I didn't. Phew, writing this confession made my day man. And it's a Monday! LoL. Shiok.

Oh yah. This is my blog. I write what I want. If you're not happy, DON'T READ. Who cares what your gf thinks, or what you think. Most importantly is what I think in this blog. Because this is Xueyu's blog. Not Geraldine/Kevin's blog. If you think she reads this and this gonna worsen your relationship, it's YOUR problem. Cause I don't lie. All these DID happened before. And my bf knows about it, so I do not need to hide it from him. HAHA to you in your face. I do not need to listen to you anymore. LoL.

Stupid Blogger

Actually wrote a whole chunk of things just now de. Like how me and Feng went to Stonegrill at Katong last Friday, and had a cup of coffee at Starbucks over at Parkway. Then had a long chat and played maple till 4am. Feng is not the kind that will sit at kopibean or starbucks quietly for a period of time, just chit chatting. Nopez. He'll start to look at the passer bys, play with hp/psp and such. But Friday he didn't. Friday was one of the happiest day I had with him this year. Of coz there are other happy days, like my birthday and all. It had been months since we were so happy together. Dinner was great. Took some pics and accidentally deleted them. Fuck. I'm that careless. But it was nice. The company was even nicer. LoL. Next restaurant shall be Indulgz. Say damn long liaoz. Then next shall be Auntie Kim's at Thomson. LoL. I know he likes Korean food. Shh....

Someone called me at 4+am on Sat morning, asking me if I wanted to meet him for a smoke at his house. Seriously, even if you're living in the same block as me, I won't meet up. Because I'm no longer attracted to you. I'm not one of those girls that feels attracted to you, would accompany you when you're bored or pay for you when you're cashless. My thinking is, if you ain't got the money to pay, don't eat such expensive stuff. If you're bored and you look for me, sorry I'm not any second fiddle to anyone. Told him that if it was one year plus ago, maybe I would throw myself at his feet, will drive down immediately and even buy a pack of ciggies for him. Now? Nopez. He messaged me after I hung up, saying that he could hear that I'm tempted. Haha! Don't think you know me very well pal. I was thinking how would Feng like it if I meet you in the middle of the night, and if Feng went out to meet other females how would I feel? You were not running through my mind anymore. Feng is. Sorry dude. You. Are. Just. History. To. Me.

Close friends will rejoice to what I do, my reaction and all. They will thump me on my back and congratulate me for doing the right thing, to be able to stand up and not cave in to his requests. I know Yihui will definitely do that. Will you?

Malaysia..Half My Family

I went back on Sat morning, and throughout the journey, I was chatting with Soo Yee, my cousin-in-law. She was sitting in between Cousin Weekuok and me. My cousin's working at of my company's customer. So qiao. When we reached my cousin's house, I went in and was shocked. I couldn't recognise 3 of my younger male cousins. Alika, Keola and Kainoa seemed to have grown quite a bit. Alika is now same height as me, and Keola is catching up. Kainoa big now. Their mom asked me when was the last time I saw them and I spent the whole day thinking. I didn't disappear for a very long time. I remember I did see my younger cousins back in SG. It was only during the CNY! Now they're like so different! Alika is more mature and quiet; Keola is becoming more and more punk, learning to skateboard and wear caps sideways; Kainoa becomes more and more talkative and is always learning new things. My 2nd uncle is getting older, and his wife had just broken her foot. Poor thing. Everyone seemed so interested in what I do. Whenever I go back, they didn't really care about me cause I'm like old enough to take care of myself and my needs, so they usually play around and talk with the younger kids and their parents.

This time it was different. I was the main character. Eveyone asked me how was my job, how was China, and everything. I felt so important suddenly. My parents bought me shopping at Carrefour and since I hurt my knee there again, my parents decided to bring me back instead of shopping at the new plaza. We went back to my aunt's place, the very same house which had belonged to my mom years ago. My mom decided she didn't want it anymore and transferred the ownership to my aunt. My aunt bought 3 DVDs, cheong one. Got Simpsons and Ratatoulie and Die Hard 4. I refused to watch the 2 cartoons as I wanted to watch with Feng. Fell asleep while watching Die Hard 4 though. I was just too tired. Woke up at 7pm and went next door (3rd uncle's house) for dinner and massage. Shiok man. Met my cousin Weiqi's bf for the first time. Very compatible lehz...both got moustache. Opx. LoL. =X So bad so bad. As long as she's happy lah hor.

Watched Transformer at night while Alika played on my laptop. He's into The Sims 2. Nice game. Slept early and woke up at 8am to have breakfast. After breakfast went shopping at the new plaza and then went home to pee before heading back to SG. By then, me and my dad both sick liaoz. Got flu. Didn't have a good night's rest last night cause was busy sneezing and think sneezed too much, now having headache. Knee's still a little pain, but it's not something that the knee brace can't help to control. At least it won't worsen. I remembered something my 2nd Aunt (Weekuok's mom) told me before I left. She asked when I'll be coming back, cause they missed me and it seemed so hard for me to come back. It's difficult to date me when I'm forever so busy. I promised to her that I'll be back soon. Cause now that dad's got a car, it's easier to travel le. I promised it, and I will do it. Trust me.

Congrats To Feng

Congratulations baby! Yeah! You're employed (again)! Jiayou ok!! Although working hours abit like weird, but then we'll work things out, someway somehow. LoL. Jiayou wor! Now both of us working at Kaki Bukit, so there's no reason as to why you'll be late for work. Don't make it a habit, always late. ESPECIAlLY WHEN MEETING ME! Let us both work hard towards our future ba. Jiayou. Gambatte!

For concerned friends, he's now employed by Hitachi at Kaki Bukit. Thanks for the concern throughout these few months. He'll be in a semicon industry. Thanks friends.

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