Tuesday, August 14, 2007

14 August 2007, Tuesday

Yeah Finally 60!!

LoL. I know I'd been playing too much maple nowadays. I even woke up with a cramp on my left index finger, the very same finger that I would use to press on the lightning skill key. Haha! Look at my pics! I'm so happy finally reached lv60. LoL. Just entertain me and play along..

This is my hit using lightning skill. LoL. Not that great I know. I'm only 59 then! Can see that Merlion behind...anyway that's Xiaping, pretending to be a female in game, seducing all the guys to buy him clothes. Idiotic. No lah, actually females in-game clothes are much cheaper than males. =P I wonder why? =X

Yeah I'm level 60! Look at my dog pissing along Singapore map! Haha. So obvious right? Doggy is very cute lor! LoL. I call him the stupid dog inside the game. I always say "The stupid dog is hungry", or "The stupid dog keeps jumping up and forgot to take my meso" or stuff like that. LoL.

Hehe, my little dog. Can you help me think of a name? Oh yah he can reply to me now instead of bark bark woof woof. LoL. He's a smart little ass don't you think? Kaoz. If he were real I'll cook him in a pot. LoL. Nah...I'll still love him to death like I do to Cinnamon.

How to increase readership?

I joined Nuffnang months ago. Ok...Maybe 2 months or even earlier. And up till now, my readership had only increased to 22 instead of the initial 20. Can someone just give me a hint or whatever, as to how to increase my readership? I need the extra cash leh. I want to study remember? The whole course is 27K. I do not even have 10K now. Fuck. Oh please do not ask me to write things or insult people like Xiaxue or post more pics of myself being photoshopped to chio chio-ness like Ice Angel aka ....can't remember her real name. Who cares? LoL. And I'm not talented like Jayden nor am I pretty like Dawn Yang or Thy Dowager aka Peggy or Winnie, whom I didn't even know exsits until today? ARGH! And best of all? I'd been blogging since...2004! Faint lehz! That's THREE FUCKING YEARS. You guys just think I'm boring right? What do I have to do? Act like a clown? *Stares angrily*

Whatever. I'm no longer interested. Come if you want. This blog is just about my mudane life anyway. I should start writing things like I woke up this morning, brushed my teeth, bathed, had a cup of water, fed my rabbit and walked to work. Worked all the way till 1pm and smoked. 2pm start work again. 6pm knock off from work and walked home, ate, bathed, played game/watched tv and sleep. LoL. See if you're still complaining about boring. Fuckers. LoL. I'm going back to work. Anyway this entry is just a random thought and a random complaint. Life sucks. LoL.

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